9 Unique Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas Your Guests Will Love

9 Unique Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Wedding welcome bags are an easy way to add a lasting touch to your special day. Not only do guests enjoy the gesture of receiving a wedding welcome bag, but the fun gift lets you and your significant other show your playful side. If you’re getting ready to jet off to your destination wedding, these unique wedding welcome bag ideas will help show your appreciation for your guests and make your big day one to remember.  

If you’re not sure what to include in your welcome bags, you’re in luck. We’ve got nine unique wedding welcome bag ideas to inspire you. 

Step 1: Choose Your Bags 

If you’re brainstorming destination wedding welcome bag ideas, start by selecting the type of bags you’ll use to create your welcome kits. A popular option for a unique wedding welcome bag is to create a custom tote bag just for your big day. What you include on your bags is up to you! You can include you and your loved one’s names, the date and location of your wedding, and something cheeky (like an inside joke) to go along with it.  

A custom tote bag you’ve designed yourself offers a personal touch, and your guests will remember your wedding every time they use their tote.  

When it comes to finding the right bag for your destination wedding welcome bag ideas, there is no shortage of great options either. Environmental enthusiasts can opt for eco-friendly tote bags while wine lovers can get straight to the point with a wine tote. Having a beach wedding? Beach totes and boat totes might be the way to go. 

Whether you choose a customized tote bag or another option, make sure you arrange the delivery of the welcome totes with the hotel you and your guests are staying at ahead of time so that your friends and family get their welcome totes upon arrival. 

Step 2: Figure Out What to Put Inside 

Now that you’ve picked out the type of bag you’ll use, you’re ready for the fun part—figuring out what to put inside. Here are nine destination wedding welcome bag ideas to help you get started. 

1. Include an Itinerary 

An itinerary is the perfect place to start when planning your unique wedding welcome bags. A detailed itinerary will ensure your friends and family know all of the details for your wedding weekend so that your big day goes off without a hitch. It also cuts down on the amount of texts and phones calls from confused guests so it’s a win-win.   

When creating your itineraries, we sure to provide information like addresses, times, and dress codes. Factor in any pre-wedding photo sessions, rehearsal dinner information, and after-party details. Want to go the extra mile? Add suggestions for what guests can do in the area if they have down time. This is especially nice to provide guests if your destination wedding is in a location that’s unfamiliar to them.  

2. Bottled Water 

A simple but underrated destination wedding welcome bag idea is to provide bottled water for your guests. Between traveling to and from your wedding and celebrating your big day, it’s easy for guests to forget to stay hydrated. Something as simple as providing a bottled water or two can be a lifesaver! For an added touch, you can have custom labels placed on your refreshments to match your bags and itinerary.  

3. A Custom Bottle Opener 

Every destination wedding welcome bag needs a bottle opener! Customize a bottle opener so your guests can relax with a beer both at your wedding, and when they get home. If your guests forgot their bottle open, this unique wedding welcome bag idea will be a sight for sore eyes. It’ll also be a nice reminder of your special day when they use it in the future.  

4. A Beach Towel 

You and your guests have landed at your tropical destination wedding, so it’s time to hit the beach or the pool. A great way to greet them is with customized beach towels in your destination wedding welcome bag. All of your wedding guests will get to enjoy some fun in the sun with their own plush towel they can use for years to come.  

 5. A Hangover Remedy 

Since both you and your guests will be busy partying and celebrating during your wedding weekend, another great thing to include with your unique wedding welcome bag is some hangover relief. Small packets of Advil always work well and add a thoughtful touch. Another hangover remedy your guests will be thankful for is something to boost their electrolytes! These will help them keep the party going throughout the weekend.  

6. Something Handmade 

If you want to add a special, personalized touch to your unique welcome bags, then consider making something handmade to include. One unique wedding welcome bag idea that’s usually a hit is handmade soap, since it invites guests to relax. Plus, handmade soap is affordable, and you can customize it to fit the theme of your wedding.  

7. Candles 

Speaking of relaxing, your guests traveled all the way to and from your destination, so a customized candle can help them relax once they get back home. Traveling, whether driving or flying, can be exhausting, but a beautifully-scented candle can help them unwind.  

8. A Notebook 

You want your guests to remember your wedding for years to come, so a great destination wedding welcome bag idea is to include a custom printed notebook. They’ll be able to jot down notes whenever they need to in the future, all while being reminded of your special day. 

9. Alcohol and a Personalized Cup to Go With It 

While we already covered water and refreshments above, adding alcohol for those who drink is a fun touch. You can include a bottle of wine or your favorite liquors, or a special beverage that reminds you of each guest. Something that your guests haven’t tried before, like a local microbrew from the area, is a great option. You can even throw in a personalized cup for your guests to carry their drinks around in. Don’t forget to include a mini bottle of bubbly to celebrate officially tying the knot.  

Now that you’ve got a few destination wedding welcome bag ideas up your sleeve, it’s time for you to get your printed tote bags and other custom wedding gifts planned. At Bagmasters, you can choose from thousands of unique, customizable items to incorporate into your big day. Your wedding guests will love these cherished keepsakes from your wedding and are sure to use them for years to come.  

Ready to get started? Start customizing your wedding welcome bags here

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