Unique Promotional Products for Trade Shows to Make Your Marketing Game a Success

Unique Promotional Products for Trade Shows to Make Your Marketing Game a Success

How’s this for ROI? According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional bags have the best rate of impressions at 5,772 in all. Promotional pens are worth 2,805 impressions. 

Promotional items as a means of advertising cost a fraction of what TV and national magazines do. Per impression, a promotional item costs 0.7 cents. TV and magazines? 2.5 and 2.4 cents, respectively. 

It’s difficult to question the effectiveness of investing in promo marketing items when you consider stats like these. However, the advantages of giving away promotional bags and other trade show swag go beyond the stats above.  

Swag bags and other promotional products for trade shows give you something to talk about with potential clients when you’re at a trade show. In other words, these items start conversations, and these conversations encourage would-be clients to give you their names and contact information. Promotional giveaways entice trade show attendees to let you put them on your mailing list. 

Aside from all of this, creating promotional products for trade shows gives you billboard space for your logo, and while this space isn’t a giant sign on New York’s Fifth Avenue, it does travel. Whenever people carry around a custom tote of yours after a trade show, everyone who meets these “walking billboards” after the trade show sees your logo. It’s a powerful way to extend the reach of your brand message.  

In light of that, here are some marketing gift bag ideas that will help you boost your brand at your next trade show. 

1. Promotional Pens

Here’s the thing about custom pens, even in the digital age people still use them. People use pens to write notes to put in their kids’ lunchboxes. Other people kill time between appointments by jotting down their to-do lists in promotional journals. People who still rely on their checkbooks need pens to write those out, too. 

Banks put branded pens next to their teller windows for customers to use them. Customers also end up taking them, and the bank benefits from the exposure. 

As far as making promotional products for trade shows goes, pens play an important role here, too. Yes, you can simply give trade show attendees a pen with your logo on it while you’re chatting with them. Or you can plan a giveaway. Decorate a giant fishbowl and put a sign on it, complete with enticing words. Offer up cool prizes. Then, have some entry slips printed so that people can enter your giveaway; you’ll ask for their names, contact information, etc.  

Give them a promotional pen to fill out said entry forms. Encourage them to keep the pen. Talk with them about what they could win if they win your trade show drawing. 

This offers you a completely natural way to incorporate promotional products for trade shows into your pitch.  

2. Hand Sanitizers

At a decent trade show, you may begin to feel almost as if you’re running for public office. If you’re doing it right, you’re not just passing out trade show bags; you’re shaking hands with people, talking, telling jokes, the works.  

Now, imagine your would-be clients. They’re probably going around the trade show, doing the same thing, shaking hands and chatting with people. While branded hand sanitizers may not be the first thing you consider when you’re creating your list of promotional products for trade shows, they probably should be. One of the first rules of trade show promo items is that they should be relevant and useful to the trade show attendees.  

Hand sanitizer definitely fits the bill. This is doubly true if you attend a trade show in the winter when people get exposed to all sorts of yucky germs.  

When you’re trying to come up with additional marketing gift bag ideas, remember this lesson. Seasonal items, like sanitizer and promotional umbrellas, work well as promo items in the colder months whereas beach totes and lip balm work well in the summer. 

3. Trade Show Bags

There is a reason that custom totes count among the most popular promotional products for trade shows. From a vendor standpoint, offering show and conference attendees a trade show bag with your logo on it means that a broader audience will see your logo. 

For the trade show attendees, getting a promotional bag from a vendor means that they have a place to put their promotional pens, hand sanitizer, and custom lip balm. They can also use their bags in the future as a reusable grocery bag.  

The custom tote bag counts as one of the most versatile promotional products for trade shows. Here’s why. Yes, you can use it as we suggest above. Your bag can be the place where trade show attendees stow away the other items they get from the show. 

However, products like tote bags can become so much more because of their perceived quality. You can even do a giveaway where you fill your promotional tote bag with other goodies! Things like USBs, water bottles, phone chargers, and items specific to the trade show you’re attending.  

This type of promotion does a couple of things, aside from building brand awareness. It indirectly promotes some local hot spots, which could garner you favor from area businesses. The drawing also encourages people to stop back by your booth before the trade show is over, allowing you to get more exposure for your product or service.  

It additionally provides you with one more chance to interact with some potential new clients. The best promotional products for trade shows start conversations and develop business ties. 

Final Thoughts

The right promotional products at a trade show can do wonders for your business’s bottom line. They give you an opportunity to chat with potential clients and to promote brand awareness. Since you want your brand to be represented well, it’s important that you put some thought into your unique swag ideas. Remember, the intention of promotional products for trade shows is to create a buzz for your business. You aren’t giving these items away just to give them away; items like branded pens, hand sanitizer, and custom bags become a means to an end.  

Although they are physical products, they aren’t the actual product you’re trying to promote. Your company’s product or service is what you’re hoping to promote. Your promotional products for trade shows merely provide you with a vehicle for doing so. 

Let us help plan your marketing products accordingly. Check out Bagmasters today to get started. 

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