6 Conference Gift Bag Ideas Your   Clients Will Remember You For

6 Conference Gift Bag Ideas Your Clients Will Remember You For

People love getting promotional bags at trade shows. Anyone who has ever been to a trade show knows there is a lot of effort and creativity put into providing interested attendees with promotional bags. You may wonder what the secret is to doing this wisely. Done correctly, conference gift bag ideas deliver a return in the form of greater brand recognition and a memorable first encounter that keeps you in the mind of attendees. 

The first choice to make is the bag itself. You want the bag to be nice because anything that represents your company to be quality. The second equally important component is the contents of the bag!  

Types of Gift Bags

A unique way of reaching clients is with branded promotional bags and gifts. With attention to the right details, these items will continue to find use after the trade show and provide valuable visibility for your company's brand. You'll want to design a bag that really catches the eye with exquisite style or extraordinary function. 

The higher the quality of the conference gift bag ideas, the more likely they are to encounter new clients. This speaks to the importance of pragmatism when making selections at every level. Ultimately, you want people in your professional sphere to see you as reliable, and your promotional gift bags should demonstrate this also. 

Branded Tote Bags

There are many ways to get the name of your brand into the hands and minds of the customer, and tote bags for clients are frequently overlooked. Long-term marketing without repeated investment is what makes this conference gift bag idea a great option. While the client uses the bag and values it for its practicality, they show your brand to every passerby.  

The greater utility the conference gift bag ideas have, the more people will use them, which then grants your brand more exposure. To this end, look for a style that includes multiple pockets of varying size and functional purpose. You might also include a design or color scheme that draws attention to make your bags stand out. Once your bag has become useful in the daily routine of the conference guests, they will also associate your brand with being just as necessary in their lives. 

Simple Drawstring Bags

When you think of conference gift bag ideas, it’s important to remember that luxury should not take precedence over function for best ROI. Whereas a briefcase may seem practical, it is not the kind of bag that is suitable for all occasions. For something with a broader application across multiple dimensions of daily life, you might look into drawstring bags, for instance. 

They are stylish enough to take to the beach and still practical enough to take along on a hike or day out. To stand out, try including a design that has an insulated compartment for drinks. This type of bag has many uses and is conveniently small enough to be a great carry-on for flights or other public transport, too. 

Classy Promotional Backpacks

Another very popular item you might think of when brainstorming for conference gift bag ideas is the branded backpack. This excellent option has the function and widespread appeal to be a big hit at trade shows. With all the extra gear people carry these days, they will appreciate the convenient capacity of a well-designed backpack.  

Any item that lets clients perform tasks without using their hands is going to be a huge plus. The versatility of this style of bag makes it something that will likely get a lot of mileage to a diverse set of destinations. The ubiquitous nature of the backpack adds up to exposure for the brand in places it may normally never reach, such as on a trail or at the top of a mountain. 

To stand out, bring the right type of backpack to the conference. For example, if you're at a travel show, display your selection of TSA-compliant and rolling backpacks. Show off your branded hydration backpacks at the next outdoor gear trade show. 

What Belongs in the Bag

Once you’ve decided on the bag, it’s time to choose what you want to go inside to make a lasting impression. Customers will be thrilled to get a quality bag to carry their things, but what's included is where you'll make memories in the minds of attendees. Filling your bags with items as useful as what they came in will be a great way of marketing your brand to anyone around.  

Conference gift bag ideas should have universal appeal and somehow make the users’ lives easier or more convenient. This will significantly improve the longevity of the items and help people remember where they came from. People will appreciate both the time and money you put into your trade show bag swag. 

Clever Tech Accessories

It is easy to understand why some items have such tremendous value placed upon them despite normally being of very little actual cost to acquire, such as promotional flash drives. Almost everyone will agree these are one of the most useful conference gift bag ideas because they have a function to perform. A flash drive is also an astute offering if you are at an electronics trade show, which is all about the accessories.  

For another thoughtful tech gift, you could try something like branded power banks because everyone needs portable energy. Attending a conference all day can really drain your phone battery, which presents a golden opportunity for you. Hand a guest a power cell to keep their phone charged; they will surely remember you for your generosity. 

Indulgent Beauty Gifts

Everybody enjoys some level of pampering, and that’s what makes gifts of health and beauty products some of the best conference gift bag ideas. Including a product like promotional hand sanitizer in the bag will almost certainly see some action with all the handshaking going on throughout the day.  

Many people also use moisturizers to keep their skin from becoming dry and uncomfortable. This is the time to become the hero for offering relief for show attendees who may have forgotten to pack for the trip to the conference. Also be sure to get your brand name into their hands on sticks of custom lip balm. Every time someone pulls out a balm to freshen up, they will be displaying your brand and thanking your thoughtfulness. 

Pragmatic Pens

Everyone uses pens, and this is why you should add your company logo to them! A smart approach to this could be using erasable, multicolor, or holographic image pens to get extra attention. 

Brand awareness is your ultimate goal with all the free swag you're giving away, and your gifts don't have to be the most expensive to be the most effective. Adding promotional pens to your gift bag set may seem like a minor inclusion, but remember, everyone still uses them. This fact is the reason why customized pens will never go out of style as corporate gift bag ideas. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of options in our inventory to choose from, and our staff is here to help you navigate. Check out our huge selection of high-quality merchandise that’s perfect for your upcoming conference. See what amazing results we can help you achieve at Bagmasters

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