Best Trade Show Giveaways for Smart Marketers

Best Trade Show Giveaways for Smart Marketers

Trade show swag is one of the most effective ways to make customers aware of your brand. For the most part, this time-honored tradition has usually centered around cheap toys, pens, luggage tags, lanyards, and the like. The brand was visible to the trade show attendees, but the swag itself wasn’t memorable or very useful. 

Today, smart marketers know that it is important for their marketing budgets to include trade show bags. These are in addition to other unique swag ideas. While the bags themselves will prove to be quite useful to the customer, the smart marketer knows that those bags can become much more. 

It has become increasingly popular at trade shows to hold raffles throughout the day. In addition to the smaller giveaways, you could also hold a final raffle for a larger item on the last day of a conference. A great trade show giveaway idea would be to hand a customer a bag when they fill out an entry to a raffle to try and win a larger item. 

The trade show bags are not only useful to the customers; the bags will also serve as reminders of the bigger prizes that attendees might win. Once the trade show is over, your brand is still right there on the outside of the bag that the recipient takes to the grocery store every week. This effectively turns the trade show bags into brand awareness vehicles for your business. 

The Best Giveaway Items

The best trade show raffles are the ones where the prize is something that everyone would have a use for. There are a lot of highly desirable, yet affordable, options available. Trade show swag has come a long way from the cheap toys of the past. You can build your marketing and brand recognition when you are sending swag home with clients that they will use again and again. 

Picture yourself at the trade show. You hand out the custom swag bags or reusable grocery bags to everyone who enters your raffles. The grocery-size bags are budget-friendly, will get repeated use from clients, and are a memorable piece of trade show swag.  

Let’s look at the big picture of some swag bag ideas for businesses to use at trade shows. 

Coolers Are Cool

Coolers are something that everyone uses. Whether they are the small ones that carry a lunch or the large ones that hold the drinks at the beach, custom coolers are one item that everyone can and does use.  

A cooler would be an exceptional candidate for a raffle at a trade show. You could do several small raffles for customized lunch coolers during the first days of the trade show. Each person you handed out grocery bags to will get entered into the drawings for the lunch coolers. The product is cool enough that customers are going to remember the raffle times and come back to your booth for the drawing. 

Just raffling off lunch coolers, though, might not have as big an effect as you are looking for. On the final day of the trade show, you can hold one final raffle. This time, the prize is a unique, customized, large rolling cooler. The winner can use this larger cooler at things like picnics and barbecues. 

In terms of cost, think of it all this way. The grocery bags are inexpensive but useful. The lunch coolers, when bought in bulk, are also very affordable. Finally, the rolling cooler, although it looks fancy, is also not pricey. Your budget didn't take that big of a hit, and the bigger prize is not only carrying your brand but is also a trade show giveaway idea that is big enough to draw attention.  

Attention-Grabbing Barbecue Set Raffle

The more unique the branded item, the more attention it will draw. Once again, you can use the branded grocery bag as your swag bag idea for business customers who visit your booth. Each customer who fills out an entry for the raffles receives the grocery bag, and the winner receives a barbecue set!  

These trade show giveaway items are unlike any barbecues available at any store. They will draw eyes wherever they go. One of the most unique barbecue sets is a portable barbecue grill and cooler set. The grill itself is easy to set up and use, and the cooler is a great added touch. It is unique enough to draw admirers at any picnic or outdoor event.  

A different raffle on another day could involve a unique and customizable item. A barbecue and picnic set delivers everything but the steaks and the grill. This is an opportunity for your trade show giveaway idea to do your marketing for you every time the customer uses a branded product they won at the trade show. 

Custom Thermoses That Everybody Wants

Custom thermoses come in a variety of sizes and types. They are also a product that people tend to own for a long time. They won't just be going to work with the customer. They'll get frequent use, giving your branding a great deal of exposure. 

These days, it is common to use swag bag ideas for business relationship strengthening. When you have some special swag set aside that is not handed out to the general public, you are telling that customer that they are important to you. 

In this case, the fact that the customer is going to carry that thermos to work or the big game on the weekend is a bonus in spreading brand awareness. This is a great example of trade show giveaway ideas that will market themselves. This is especially true of the swag that you raffle. Trade show giveaway ideas can be attention grabbers when they are a product that is not that common. This unique thermos with dual drinking cups is a great trade show giveaway idea that would also be a terrific raffle item. 


There really is no limit to the amount of trade show giveaway ideas. By using trade show bags as only part of your handouts, you have opportunities to expand on the typical swag bag.  

If you want to make sure that all of your customized trade show giveaway items get delivered on time and look exactly how you want them to, you will want to go with a reputable company no matter what your trade show giveaway ideas might be.  

If you’re interested in checking out more trade show giveaway ideas, Bagmasters has everything you’ll need.   

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