Most Popular Tote Bag Trends to Know Before Hosting the Next Event

Most Popular Tote Bag Trends to Know Before Hosting the Next Event

A lot of work goes into hosting company events. From crafting the initial idea to cleaning up at the end of the big day, planning an event for your company requires a serious investment of time and energy. You want to make sure everyone remembers all the fun they had at your company event.  

Getting a feel for today's top trends in wholesale tote bags can help your successful event stay on the minds of the attendees. Sending attendees home with custom tote bags that they'll use again and again will help keep your event in the forefront of their minds. Each time people pick up their bags, they'll get reminded of the fun bonding experiences they had or the critical lessons they learned at your event. 

Whether you're planning a company party or an industry trade show, to ensure that you're picking out gifts that your attendees will actually use, you've got to know the most popular trends in wholesale tote bags. For example, Pantone declared living coral the hottest color for 2019. Bright colors paired with minimalist designs are extremely on-trend right now as well. For more must-have bag ideas, check out the following tips. 

Tote Bag Ideas That Every Attendee Will Want

Whether you're planning a small team event or an industry-wide conference, you're probably working with a limited budget. Therefore, it's essential that you make the most of your money by investing in giveaway items that people will be excited to own. 

Customized tote bags are practical, so they're a great promotional item. When it comes to tote bags, the choices are endless. There are oven bags, laminated totes, and tablet holders. In fact, there are so many options that you might have a hard time choosing. Understanding popular trends in wholesale tote bags can help you pick out swag that people will keep using long after the event is over. 

Backpack Totes

When you think of totes, one-shoulder grocery bags might be the first things that come to mind, but totes are available in backpack styles, too. Backpacks are ideal for daily use because your attendees can throw their laptops, books, or anything else in. Since they are so comfortable, your attendees can keep using their custom backpack totes in their daily routines. 

Backpacks are a popular choice among wholesale tote bags because they are useful for carrying all sorts of items. Your recipients may use theirs for anything from holding important papers to transporting family heirlooms. Some backpacks have special pockets for drinks, laptops, and other gear. Zippers and other closures ensure that the items that people slide into these bags will stay put. Choosing the right custom backpack totes for your event ensures that recipients will turn to your bags’ time and again. 

Eco-Friendly Totes

One of the biggest trends in promotional wholesale tote bags involves being eco-friendly. People love using bags that help them do their part for the planet. 

You can give out promotional totes made of environmentally friendly fabric. For example, jute grows quickly, so it's considered a sustainable material. Its natural color lends a classy appearance that users will be glad to show off. 

Many promotional eco-friendly totes are an ideal size for carrying groceries. Using sturdy cotton totes at the store helps shoppers avoid fees on disposable plastic bags. Giving these away is a great way to make sure your logo is front and center during people's weekly grocery runs. 

Wine Totes

In 2018, wine was a $70 billion market in the U.S. In other words, people love wine. Therefore, if you send folks home with a tote that's designed for carrying wine, there's a good chance they’ll use it. 

A wine-tasting event is an ideal scenario to distribute branded wine totes. You could hold a wine tasting as an employee mixer or as a recruitment event for new clients. At the end of the night, everyone can take home an insulated wine cooler tote. 

Even if you're not hosting a wine-themed event or sending guests home with bottles of champagne, you can still capitalize on these popular promotional trends. Wholesale tote bags can hold all sorts of goodies. For example, load up a slim wine bag with bottled water, energy bars, and other small giveaways for guests to enjoy during your trade show. When the event is over, the branded bags can find new life at home as wine totes. 

Gather Your Employees for a Can't-Miss Event

One of the best ways to create a positive employee culture is to hold regular events throughout the year. Design some of these events with team-bonding and relationship-building in mind. At other times, you may want to equip your employees with skills and knowledge to improve their performance. 

No matter what the purpose of your event is, people will appreciate going home with gifts. Receiving freebies makes people feel appreciated, and it may build their investment in your team. If you're known for good giveaways, curiosity about your gifts may help build anticipation for the next event. 

Branded gear benefits your company, too. Give away good stuff, like an attractive tote bag, and people will use it with pride. Every time they carry their custom tote bags around town, your company will receive free advertising and increased brand recognition. 

New Hire Orientation 

When you incorporate trendy wholesale tote bags into your next new-hire orientation, you'll be setting your new hires up as brand ambassadors from the very beginning. Logo-clad welcome gifts for new employees will also help these people feel like part of the team. 

When your new employees arrive for their first day of orientation, consider having laptop totes laid out for each of them. Inside, they'll find a name badge, a pen, an employee handbook, and an assortment of snacks and drinks to power them through the day. They'll find that this tech-savvy bag comes in handy on the commute to and from the office each day. 

Company Beach Day

When the weather is warm, one of the best options for wholesale tote bags involves branded beach gear. Custom beach totes are essential for trips to the shore because they're roomy enough to hold a towel, a bottle of sunscreen, and some snacks for the day! 

A great opportunity to hand out this type of tote bag is at a company beach day. This team-building event encourages your employees to get out and have fun together. The sand and the ocean provide plenty of natural entertainment, so you may not need to schedule a full lineup of activities. Set up a barbecue grill and a sand volleyball court, and people will stay happy for hours. 

If you invite whole families, be sure to go for oversized beach totes. Bags with mesh sides are ideal because they allow sand to spill out on the walk back to the car. 


Not all company events are exclusively for employees. At conferences and trade shows, you can reach people from throughout your industry. Events like these provide many opportunities to promote your company and grow your customer base. 

Giving out branded gear at these shows is a great way to help your company stick in people's minds after the event. Good swag may also make them want to sign up for your program again next year. Therefore, when ordering items to give away, be sure to take into account these promotional trends for wholesale tote bags. Keep in mind that when you're giving away totes on a large scale like this, ordering wholesale tote bags in bulk is a must. 

Final Thoughts About Wholesale Tote Bags

From employee picnics to industry conventions, company events provide excellent opportunities to hand out customized tote bags with your logo. By embracing today's trends when placing your order for wholesale tote bags, you can feel confident that your gift will continue to get used long after your event. 

When you're ready to order trendy totes, Bagmasters has the wholesale custom tote bags you're looking for. Browse our extensive selection today. 

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