12 Cool Promotional Bags & Other Items for Real Estate Agents

12 Cool Promotional Bags & Other Items for Real Estate Agents

From promotional bags to keyrings, there are so many cool promotional items perfect for real estate agents. So, let’s talk a bit more about branded gear and gifts for real estate agents, what you can do with them, and some of our favorite picks to help build relationships and promote your services. 

Why real estate agents should give branded gifts 

Before we get into the what, let’s talk a bit more about the why. Here are four main reasons why you should give branded items and gifts to your clients (and potential clients): 

1. Boost brand recognition

What makes clients choose one local real estate agent over another one? A lot of the time, the biggest factor is brand recognition! If they’ve seen your brand on a promotional bag or they’ve got your fridge magnet, a potential client is much more likely to recognize, trust, and choose you over your competition. 

2. Stay ahead of the competition 

Speaking of competition, this is one of the biggest issues for many real estate agents. Competition for listings and clients is extremely high in many locations. But the agents that have the most respected reputation will get first pick of local properties and clients. If you’ve invested in assets like promotional bags and other gear that you can give away, it’ll increase your visibility in the local community and build your reputation. You want people in your neighborhood to think of you first when they have a real estate related question or problem to solve. 

3. Encourage loyalty

That young family who you’ve helped buy their first property? They’ll probably outgrow it in 5-10 years or want an upgrade when mom goes back to work. If you’ve done a good job and invested in your relationship, it’s highly likely they’ll come back to you again for help selling their property and then finding their dream home. Giving a little something extra as a housewarming gift or closing gift can help your client know how much you value them… and it’ll probably mean they hold onto a piece of your branding in their new home for years to come. 

4. Get more referrals 

People are always on the lookout for word of mouth recommendations for service providers in the local area, and that includes real estate agents. That’s why it’s even more important to wow your current and previous client with special gifts. Giving them an amazing experience and helping them remember your brand will lead to more glowing referrals and more clients who aren’t shopping around, but just want to work with you. 

12 cool promotional bags and gear for real estate 

Ready to start enjoying all the benefits we just mentioned? From promotional bags to umbrellas, we’ve got you covered with 12 of the best real estate gifts and promotional items to help you grow your brand and connect with your audience. 

1. Promotional bags

First thing’s first – every real estate business needs promotional bags customized with their branding. You’ll use these for holding any other promotional gear you hand out to clients, plus property brochures, factsheets, contracts. Or hand out a promotional bag to each person on your property management team to help them look more professional when they attend inspections and open homes. 

2. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a classic real estate promo item. But don’t just go with the boring old logo magnet… choose something in a fun shape or something that comes with extra features. We love the house shaped magnet clip because it’s on-brand and multi-functional. 

3. Presentation folders 

Another essential piece of real estate branding is your presentation folders. You’ll keep all your property info neatly together in a branded presentation portfolio. It looks a lot more professional than carting around loose sheets of paper or using a generic, non-branded folder. Details like this will help your agency stand out as premium in a crowded marketplace, which will help you land bigger clients, higher-end properties, and bigger commissions. 

4. Umbrella 

Rain, hail, or shine, the show must go on. If that’s your attitude when it comes to open days, it totally makes sense to order a set of branded promotional umbrellas. You could give them away, or you could keep a collection for yourself to lend to potential buyers when they inspect a property on a rainy day.  

5. Branded toys

Do your clients have young kids? Pro tip: the best way to win over a client with a family is to take a genuine interest in their kids! And with a kid, often the quickest way in the door is with a gift, game or toy. Chances are, with some fun entertainment in hand, your client’s kids will be much more interested in cooperating with the whole real estate process, too. 

6. Wine glasses 

Ah, the classic gift for closing a deal… custom wine glasses! Whether your client is the seller or the buyer, they’ll appreciate celebrating the end of the process with a set of wine glasses (especially if it comes with a nice bottle of wine). Or perhaps some other kind of custom drinkware, depending on their beverage of choice. 

7. Tape measure 

Nearly all of your clients are likely to be moving home (and furniture) soon, which means they’ll appreciate having a tape measure handy. Make their life easier and hand over a mini custom branded tape measure they can whip out at any time. 

8. Heavy duty promotional bag 

When you’re moving to a new house, every box and bag counts. So, give your clients an extra heavy-duty promotional bag to help cart their belongings to their new home. Our favorite larger, more heavy-duty options are juco bagsjute bags, and luggage bags

9. Keychain

Your client is about to get a new set of keys, so why not give them a promotional keychain to go with it? This can be a pretty cliché real estate gift, so think outside the box with this and go beyond the standard branded keychain. Look for special features and functions to make your client’s life a bit easier, like a tool keychain, a light keychain, or a house keychain

10. Cooler bags

Want to give your clients a practical gift they can use over and over again? An extra cooler bag or two will be appreciated for the big move! That way, they can move their cold things while they wait for their fridge to power up. And it’s likely they’ll use your branded promotional bag for shopping, picnics, and other uses in the future, too.  

11. Kitchen gifts 

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new home is that moment when you get to cook in your new kitchen for the first time. New space, better appliances… and that feeling of getting settled in. So, give them a branded kitchen gift to help capture that feeling, and remind them that you were part of their journey to getting their new house. 

12. Tool gift set 

custom tool gift set is the perfect way to say congrats to a first home buyer. It’ll come in handy during the move, and they’ll use it again and again. Plus, it’s a highly valued gift that goes beyond the standard real estate agent gifts. 

Real estate promotional ideas

Now that you’ve got the promo items, here are some ideas for how you can use them: 

  • Give them to new clients – When you meet new clients, leave them with a gift that’ll leave a good impression 

  • Give out at open houses – Make sure you connect with every person who comes through the door by giving them a promotional bag that includes your business card and contact details 

  • Give a closing gift – Celebrate with your clients when they close the deal 

  • Give a handover gift – Hand over the keys with a fun new branded keyring and some other goodies to help christen the home 

  • Give out swag at conferences and tradeshows – Get noticed by potential clients and partners at local conferences with a promotional bag full of branded goodies and local property factsheets 

  • Sponsor local events – Kids school or sporting event are a great place to give away branded gear and pick up local clients 

  • Say hi to the neighbors – Drop a flyer and promo gift into your client’s neighbors’ mailbox, and if they’re thinking of selling up soon, you’ll be their #1 choice 

Ready to order your promo gear? 

With Bagmasters, it’s so easy to get all your real estate branded items and promotional products sorted. We offer free design services, free samples, and personalized help with choosing the right products and setting up your artwork (it’s all part of the 5-star experience we pride ourselves on).   

Check out our full collection of promotional bags and other goodies linked above. Choose the items that suit your brand (and budget), upload your logo, then order as many as you’d like. After that, we’ll get to work manufacturing and customizing your items to spec in-house, then ship your order straight to you.    

Ready to get started? Order your new promotional bags today!   

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