Halloween Office Event Ideas – Halloween Tote Bags, Giveaways, and More!

Halloween Office Event Ideas – Halloween Tote Bags, Giveaways, and More!

It’s that time of the year: pumpkin-spice flavored everything, cooler weather and the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season – Halloween. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with employees and celebrate all things spooky by planning a day full of Halloween events; complete with prizes and personalized Halloween bags filled with goodies. Black canvas tote bags make the perfect Halloween bag to fill with goodies! 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to take a normal workday and make it fun for employees. They’ll appreciate the lighter moods and having the opportunity to express themselves and show off their creative side with costumes and desk decorating. Halloween activities may also help improve employee morale and productivity, once employees have a chance to let their hair down and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with their coworkers. Planning company-wide events and competitions and giving gifts, like customized Halloween tote bags, will help show employees how much they are appreciated.  

Corporate Halloween ideas 

 Desk Decorating Competitions: Kill two birds with one stone by holding a desk decorating competition. The whole office will be decorated, and employees will get into the holiday spirit by decorating their offices and desks. Promote friendly competition and team-building by having departments come up with different themes and encourage everyone in the company to vote for their favorites. The best desks can win personalized Halloween bags!   

Costume Contest: It wouldn’t be Halloween without everyone dressing up in their favorite costumes! Always a popular way to encourage engagement from employees and a chance to let their creativity shine. Like the desk decorating competition, promote team building throughout the office by encouraging group costumes. The best group can win fold-up totes full of Halloween themed goodies! 

Pumpkin Carving/Decorating: Employees don’t have to be the only ones who get to play dress up in celebration of Halloween. Supply pumpkins, carving tools and craft supplies and let staff go wild creating their own pumpkin masterpieces. Establishing a designated de-seeding station and carving tables will help keep messes to a minimum, but if those aren’t an option allow employees to simply decorate their pumpkins with simple craft supplies. Even if using real pumpkins is not possible, getting custom paper bags with printed pumpkins will suffice.    

Halloween Potluck: You can’t go wrong when it comes to food; Inviting employees to create and share their favorite dishes is a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Like the other Halloween events, make it a competition and have everyone vote for their favorites. 

Scavenger Hunt: Before a workday gets started, fill small customized natural canvas tote bags with goodies and hide them around the office. Rather than just using candy as prizes, try offering small gift cards, or time off vouchers for people who find them.  

Murder Mystery: Tired of the typical corporate Halloween ideas and festivities and want to try something new? Throw a murder mystery party. Not only will this be a unique way to celebrate Halloween with employees, but it is also a great way to boost office morale and promote team building.  

Scary Story Contest: Another way to break the mold when it comes to Halloween celebrations and lets employees express their creative sides. Have everyone create their own scary stories and share them with the rest of the company. This can be a great way to celebrate if options like pumpkin carving or potlucks are not feasible.  

Trick-or-Treating: Who doesn’t love free candy? Encourage employees to bring in their kids and cut them loose in the office for some smaller-scale trick-or-treating. Give out customized tote bags so kids can easily carry their freebies and use them for any future trick-or-treat endeavors.  

Personalized Halloween Bags 

No party is complete without giveaways and prizes. Purchasing Halloween wholesale tote bags that can easily be customized with Halloween images and even company logos are the perfect way to reward contest winners and go the extra mile to let employees know how much they are appreciated.    

Prize Bags: Reward the contest winners with customized gift bags filled with prizes to celebrate their victories over fellow coworkers. Fill the bags with gift cards, tumblers customized with company logos, or a branded Bluetooth speaker.  

Party Favor Bags: If there isn’t a need for prizes, Halloween tote bags are still a great gift to give employees to show how much they are appreciated for all their dedication and hard work. Besides filling the bags just with candy, throw in a few practical items that can be used in and out of the office like customized cell phone accessories, pens, or portable chargers.

Trick-or-Treat Bags: Help employees and their families be safe by supplying customized drawstring backpacks with reflective ink that can be used while they are out trick-or-treating. Not only is it a great way for companies to show employees how much they care, but the bags will also provide free marketing for businesses as they are used out in public, and can be used year after year by employees.  

Whatever your company decides to do to celebrate the Halloween season with employees, you can’t go wrong with using some of the corporate Halloween ideas mentioned above. Purchasing wholesale Halloween bags from Bagmasters will help make sure your event is a success, and all employees walk away with a fun keepsake.   

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