Custom Tote Bags and More: 10 Gifts New Employees Will Actually Use

Custom Tote Bags and More: 10 Gifts New Employees Will Actually Use

Your new employees’ first day of work is one of the most important and memorable days they’ll have with you and your company. But they might be a bit nervous and unsure about what to expect. You can help them find their feet with a smooth onboarding process and a friendly welcome pack from the first moment they step through the doors. 

What if that welcome pack was a crisp new custom tote bag filled with some generous new employee gifts? And instead of greeting them with a task list and KPIs to “hit the ground running,” you could set up their first day to focus on the important stuff, like: 

  • Getting to know their surroundings 

  • Familiarizing themselves with your brand 

  • Understanding your company culture and values 

  • Saying hi to the people they’ll be working with 

Starting your new employees off on the right foot can be a total game-changer. It makes them feel part of the culture and brand right away, helps them feel proud of their role, and encourages loyalty so they stick around for longer.  

When you welcome your new team members with the right items as part of your onboarding, it can really add to the whole experience. Putting in a little extra time and effort with your new employee upfront will pay off many times over with loyal staff, more effective teams, and faster onboarding into your team and culture. 

Ready to make their first day one to remember (for all the right reasons)? 

Say goodbye to welcome gifts that end up on some dusty shelf! Get creative with a custom tote bag or some of the other promotional items listed below. These 10 fun and practical items are gifts your new employees will actually use!  

1. Lanyard

Do your new employees need to carry a door pass security card, ID, or set of keys? Make it easier for your new staff to carry and remember everything they need with a practical custom printed lanyard. No pockets or handbags necessary. 

2. Travel Mug

Who doesn’t drink tea or coffee at work? Basically no one. That’s why a branded travel mug makes the perfect new employee gift. Plus, it’ll send an important message that you and your company care about the environment and minimizing single-use cups. 

3. Travel Kit

If your employees travel as part of their job, they’ll love getting a travel kit. Send a message that that travel is an important part of the job or just show how much you value work-life balance and experiences. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s practical and fun! 

4. Cooler Bag

Encourage your staff to bring a healthy packed lunch from home with a company branded cooler bag. Chances are, they could do with another cooler bag for lunch or weekend adventuring. Or maybe it’s time for them to upgrade their last one (that’s seen a few too many salami sandwiches). 

5. Messenger Bag 

Messenger bags are both practical and fashionable - perfect for when your employees need an alternative carry bag to their lighter-weight custom tote bag. They’re the perfect size for laptops and documents for work and they’re easy for your employees to stash on public transportation, to. Or if they’re a sporty type, they can double as gym bags, too. All-in-all, messenger bags make a great new employee gift they’ll use for years to come. 

6. Socks 

This might seem like a bit of a strange idea for a new employee gift, but stick with us here. First of all, everyone wears socks. Second, there’s a trend right now toward branded, patterned, and fun statement socks – seriously! Your company branded socks can become the inside joke of your whole company (in the best possible way). Tell your new employees to make sure you wear them for all team meetings for good luck or extra credit -- they won’t know if you’re joking or for real, and that’s all part of the fun.  

7. Fun Key Ring 

Key rings are great welcome gifts because they’re both useful and small enough fit neatly into your employees’ custom tote bag or handbag.  

But don’t just give your new employees a bit of plastic with your logo on it (that’s not so cool). It’s amazing what you can hang off a key these days, so be creative and go with something useful. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our flashlight key ringsmini car key rings, and leather tag key rings

8. Hat

Since so many companies provide a hat to new employees, this one deserves a mention! If your employees do deliveries, work outside, or work in hospitality, a branded hat makes perfect sense. They’ll be able to work with the sun out of their eyes, and keep the hair off their face, all while looking fabulously on-brand. 

9. Headphones 

Headphones are a popular gift for new employees. They’re the perfect mix of fun and practical, and your new employee can use their new company-branded headphones right away in the onboarding process if you need them to watch some instruction videos. Plus, they’ll use them for phone calls, conference calls, and playing background music while they work. (Plus, maybe the occasional cat video.) 

10. Custom Tote Bags 

Finally, there’s one gift that’s a guaranteed winner because it’s so practical and usable. And it’s really affordable, too. You guessed it – a custom tote bag!  

No matter what other promo items you choose, consider getting a custom tote bag for every new employee. They’re perfect for holding any new employee gifts, onboarding info, tax forms, and whatever else they’ll need for their first day. And after that, it’s up to your employees how they use it… whether for shopping, bringing their lunch to work, carrying documents to client meetings, and the list could go on.  

 This list might be a bit overwhelming, and 10 new employee gifts might sound like a LOT. But we’re not saying you should get ALL of the above swag. The gifts you choose will depend on your brand, your budget, your work culture, and the types of people you want to attract at your company.  

 Rule of thumb: if you’d use it yourself, it’s probably a great gift for your new employees, too. But if in doubt, we recommend going with the custom tote bag (it’s a safe choice for any workplace) and a couple of promotional items to put inside that fit with your brand and work culture.  

When Should You Order Your Custom Tote Bag and Swag?

In short: as soon as possible!  

New employee gifts are something you should have stocked up and ready to go. Custom gear can take up to a few weeks to order, print, and ship. So, don’t leave it until your new employee is about to turn up for their first day of work. Depending on how many new employees you onboard each month, it’s a good idea to have at least a few (or a few hundred) new employee kits on-hand. 

Easily Order Custom Tote Bags and More 

With Bagmasters, ordering promotional items for your new employees is easier than ever. We offer free design services, free samples, and personalized help with choosing the right products and setting up your artwork. That way, you can be confident you really have picked the perfect new employee gifts (it’s all part of the 5-star experience we pride ourselves on).  

Check out our full range of custom tote bags and other new employee gifts for more great ideas. Then all you need to do is pick the products that are perfect for your brand (and budget), upload your logo and business name, then order as many as you’d like. After that, we’ll get to work manufacturing and customizing your items to spec in-house, then ship your order straight to you.   

Ready to get started? Order your custom tote bags today!  

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