Surprise Your Clients with Custom Tote Bags and Many More Gifts Inside

Surprise Your Clients with Custom Tote Bags and Many More Gifts Inside

Want to show your favorite clients just how much you appreciate them? The perfect way to surprise your best clients is with a custom tote bag filled with special gifts – just for them!

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of client gifts, what types of products make the best gifts, and how to package yours up for maximum impact. That way, you can build your reputation for giving the best gifts, encourage more brand loyalty, create an experience around your brand, and encourage more referrals. 

First up, let’s talk more about the benefits… 

6 Reasons to Give Client Gifts

1. Strengthen Relationships

When you give a client gift (with the right personal touch), you’re sending a message to the people behind the phone calls and emails, letting them know you appreciate them. Client gifts can help you build trust, goodwill, and strengthen your relationships. 

2. Boost Brand Recognition

Your clients might use your products or talk to your team every day, but that doesn’t mean they’d recognize your brand outside the office. If you give your clients a branded gift that’s genuinely wanted and useful, it will be paraded around both in and out of the office and subtly boost your brand recognition wherever it goes. That’s one reason why custom tote bags (filled with goodies) are a no-brainer for your client gifts. They are the perfect way to showcase your logo and branding. 

3. Boost Your Image

When you put your name and message on products like logo bags and custom tote bags, you make a statement to your clients. You’re letting them know: 

  • We’ve invested in our brand 

  • We’re proud of our image 

  • We’re here to stay 

Branded merchandise can boost your company image, and by giving the right branded client gift shows confidence in yourself (without showing off). That can go a long way in cementing your relationship with your clients and proving to them that you’ll deliver on your brand’s promise and meet their needs long-term. 

4. Get More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Quality gifts like custom tote bags will be used frequently and generate more referrals. Here’s how that works: if your clients’ friends, family, and colleagues see your gifts, it’ll probably spark their curiosity. That will naturally lead to more conversations about both your generosity (giving gifts) and what you do as a company. 

5. Surprise Your Clients

Your client probably isn’t expecting a gift. Right now, they’re going about their day, happy with your products or service, and don’t expect anything more. So, a client gift is the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight them!  

6. Feel Good

Finally, give yourself and your team the feel-good buzz of giving an unexpected gift and seeing the smile on your clients’ faces! 

Choosing the Best Client Gifts - Custom Tote Bags and More!

Sometimes the hardest part of giving client gifts is deciding what items to give. The best place to start is by choosing the perfect custom tote bag for your brand, and then adding gifts that you know your clients will love.  

Stuck on ideas? Here are some of our favorite picks for client gifts to help inspire you: 

Beach Totes with Beach Gear

If you’re in the health, fitness, or travel industries, a beach tote bag will make the perfect gift. Add flip flopsbeach towels, and sunscreen to create a complete beach gift set that’s ready for a day at the shore.   

Cooler Totes with Picnic Supplies

Custom coolers and insulated cooler totes are extremely practical gifts (and your clients are sure to appreciate them) but the tote on its own might be a little boring. What you really want to give your clients is permission to stop, relax, and enjoy themselves… so turn this custom tote bag into a picnic pack with all the right gifts inside. A baseball capBBQ set, and a picnic blanket finish off the package, creating the perfect spring/summer gift to get your clients outside in the warmer weather! 

Eco-friendly Totes with Eco-themed Gifts

Go eco with an eco-friendly custom tote bag – perfect for showing your commitment to sustainability. Not only is your bag reusable, but it’s also made from materials and processes that are kind to the environment. Keep your gift on theme with more reusable and green products inside, like a stainless steel insulated hot/cold tumbler, a bamboo ballpoint pen, and a recycled journal notebook

Corporate Totes with Stationery Supplies

Stationery gift sets are always a practical and safe choice – nearly any professional can appreciate good quality stationery. Customize your gift to your brand with a sturdy custom tote bag designed for corporate use, then pick out some beautiful custom stationery pieces, like a fancy executive penbound notebook, and custom USB flash drive. Package it up in your tote and you’ve got a gift your clients will be proud to use every day in the office. 

Tablet Totes with Tech Gear

If your clients often work on the road, they’ll appreciate a good quality custom tote bag equipped to carry their tablets or laptops. Fill your tablet tote with tech gear, like a branded mouse padUSB hub, and even a set of portable speakers. You’ll have the ultimate tech gift that’s sure to be valued by any IT-savvy client.  

Wine Totes with… Wine, of Course

If you like to give wine to your clients, add a personal touch by packaging it up in a custom tote bag that’s just the right size. Tip: the most important factor in choosing your wine tote bag is to make sure it matches the quality and type of wine.  

Want to go one step further? If you’re going to hand your gift out in person, you could also give your clients a smaller cooler tote with some complementary cheeses. Add a bottle opener and wine glasses, and your clients are sure to be set for a good time.  

Tips to Package and Present Your Client Gifts for Maximum Impact

It’s not enough to just have awesome gifts – good presentation is essential, too. Here are some ways you can make sure your client gifts create the impact you want: 

  • Choose the right bag – Choose a stylish custom tote bag that matches your branding, suits your audience, and fits the theme of the gifts inside 

  • Bag in bag – Place small items like stationery or gadgets in a pencil or cosmetic bag  

  • Handwritten card – Make every gift extra special with a handwritten note  

  • Recycle – Think carefully about the materials you use to package up your gifts, especially if your clients are eco-conscious (if in doubt, keep it minimal with a reusable eco tote bag) 

  • Make it personal – If your clients are local, hand over your gifts personally, rather than sending them in the mail (and you’ll get to see their reaction firsthand)! 

Order the Best Custom Tote Bags, Plus Other Client Gifts

With Bagmasters, ordering amazing gifts for your clients is easier than ever. We offer free design services, free samples, and personalized help for choosing the right products and positioning your artwork. That way, you can be confident you really have picked the perfect client gifts (it’s all part of the 5-star experience we pride ourselves on).   

Check out our full range of custom tote bags and branded merchandise for more great ideas. Then all you need to do is pick the products that are perfect for your brand (and budget), upload your logo and business name, and order as many as you’d like. After that, we’ll get to work manufacturing and customizing your items to spec in-house and ship your order straight to you.    

Ready to get started? Order your custom tote bags today! 

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