6 Tote Bag Gift Ideas for Corporate Events

6 Tote Bag Gift Ideas for Corporate Events

Custom Printed Tote Bags to Celebrate Your Employees 

It’s no secret that businesses can’t thrive without a dedicated team of employees to keep it running. Unfortunately, some businesses often get so caught up in the bottom-line that employees and their happiness can be an afterthought. Feelings of being unappreciated by staff are a thorn in any company’s side; leading to high turnover rates, low morale, and overall burnout, which leads to decreased production and malaise within company walls. Once in this cycle, it can be challenging to rally teams back to life and get them motivated to come to work each day, ready to give their best.   

So, what is the remedy for sinking morale, and better-yet, preventing the cycle from even beginning? While there are a number of different ways to boost the enthusiasm of your employees, one of the quickest and easiest ways (not to mention the most fun) is showing appreciation with business thank you gift ideas. Something as simple as custom printed tote bags, or natural canvas tote bags can help you thank your employees for all of their dedication and hard work, let them know you appreciate them and help re-connect them to their team on a daily basis. 

Why Tote Bags as Gifts? 

Tote bags are a great business thank you gift idea because they are multi-functional and a one-size-fits-all option for all of your needs when it comes to employee recognition. They are durable, environmentally friendly, and can be customized to be as fun (or serious) as you need. Employees will be able to use the bag in whatever way works best for them, while simultaneously providing free marketing for companies as they are used in public for commuting and everyday errands. Best of all, tote bag gift ideas are extremely affordable, making it easier than ever to say ‘thank you’ to dedicated employees.    

Instead of just handing out bags with a company logo on them, consider using your tote bag gift ideas as gift baskets, and filling them with fun items before handing them out to staff. Not sure where to start? Here are six perfect tote bag gift ideas for your next corporate event or employee recognition needs:  

Employee Onboarding Lunch Bags 

Everyone knows about the importance of first impressions when meeting new people, and it’s just as important for companies to make a good first impression on new employees for their first day in the office. Welcome new hires with a customized mini-tote lunch bag, and fill it with a few other branded items like a pen, reusable water bottle, and some healthy snacks to power them through their first day. This custom printed tote bag will help them feel connected to the company and show that their new company cares about its employees and is happy to have them on board. 

Retreat Supply Bags 

Retreats play an integral part in keeping internal teams connected and companies moving forward. They are the perfect chance to carve out plans for the upcoming year, build the leadership skills of managers, and help employees develop their skills. Get workers excited about an upcoming retreat and make sure they come prepared by giving a computer tote with the company logo embroidered on the front. Filling this tote bag gift idea with things like notebooks, pens or pencils, folders, and papers will make sure they have everything they need, and there will still be enough space left over to throw in a laptop for meetings. Even after the retreat is over, these bags are perfect for everyday use commuting to and from the office and will be a fun keepsake.  

Picnic Gift Bags 

Summer can be one of the hardest times to keep office employees engaged. If morale seems to be decreasing as the weather outside starts warming up, giving employees a bag with a built-in cooler packed with goodies might be the answer! Fill the cooler with a few bottles of water, and put a small bottle of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a portable phone charger inside the tote. Holding company field days or picnics and giving out these bags are a great way to give employees some well-deserved fun in the sun while boosting spirits. 

Holiday Gift Bags 

The holidays have become synonymous with gift-giving and are the perfect time to give a little extra to employees to show appreciation. Try filling a natural canvas tote with an assortment of fruits, exotic coffee or tea, a candle, and some apparel that is customized with the company name and logo. Instead of giving these gifts right before any holiday breaks, try giving it after. It might help to make the transition back to the office after a vacation more enjoyable and help remind employees how important they are to the company.      

Token of Thanks Gift Bags 

Really want to stand out from the pack when it comes to giving gifts to employees? Try going against the grain and give a gift bag outside of the normal holiday season, just because. Fill a small tote bag with some nice tea, candy, customized stationery, and a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be much, but taking the time to write a personalized note of appreciation and giving a gift outside of the holiday season will really show employees how much they are valued. 

Anniversary Gift Bags 

Helping employees celebrate their yearly anniversary is the perfect opportunity to show how much of an impact they have on the company. While smaller customized tote bag gift ideas are a great way to say thank you to any employee for a few years of service, large totes are the perfect gifts for bigger milestone anniversaries. Customize each tote to the employee, filling it with a few things related to their hobbies and interests, consider getting the name of the employee embroidered on the outside. For larger-scale companies that are looking for more generic options, get the company name and logo embroidered, and fill it with a restaurant gift card, small plant, and a portable phone charger.     

Everyone understands that hiring new employees costs more time and money than retaining the current workforce. Dedicating a portion of finances to employee recognition and appreciation will go a long way and is an investment in the business. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using wholesale tote bags to give gifts to employees, and Bagmasters has everything you need to create the perfect gifts for your staff.    

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