Company Rebrand? Check Out These 11 Custom Items to Get Your Team Excited

Company Rebrand? Check Out These 11 Custom Items to Get Your Team Excited

Planning a rebrand? Rebranding is an exciting time for your business, whether you’re updating your colors, your logo, your message, or even the name of your business. 

Rebranding can go really right – like Apple’s gradual change from a detailed and old-fashioned logo to today’s sleek and modern chrome apple. Now they’re easily one of the most visible and recognizable brands worldwide.  

Or it could go terribly wrong – like that time Gap introduced a new logo (without warning) during the busy Christmas period. Then had to pull it just a few days later, bringing back their iconic all-caps white font in a navy-blue box.  

So, how can you make sure your rebrand goes more like Apple and less like Gap? Well, the first step is to engage a branding expert to lead your team through the process. Then once you’ve got your updated logo and messaging ready to go, it’s time to roll out the changes – and time to get your team onboard and excited! 

Why get your team excited for the rebrand? 

You might think it’s more important to share your new brand with your audience, but while that is important, there’s another stakeholder you need to get onboard first – your team! 

The thing is, they’re the ones who have to sell it to your customers, help transition everything across, and probably do a bit of extra work to get it launched. The success of your rebrand relies on their acceptance and enthusiasm. Plus, they may be feeling unsure and need some extra guidance and reassurance that it’s a good change for the company. Good vibes around your new brand will help with all of this so you get a smooth transition and company-wide support. 

How to boost excitement for your rebrand 

One tried and tested way to boost brand excitement is to put out some new branded gear (with your updated branding, of course). It’ll go a long way in helping your employees get excited, but also your audience and customers when they see your brand in action. 

And of course, you’ve got the added benefit of helping increase your brand visibility in those early days. This will reduce your customers’ confusion and help your new branding become associated with you much more quickly. 

Ready to line up some promotional products for your new branding? Don’t just get the first logo-covered merchandise you find. You’ll need something that’ll show off the new logo and look of your company – something that’s highly customizable and will let your rebranding take front center stage. But don’t worry - you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet for the perfect promotional gear. We’ve put together a list of our top 11 favorite custom items that are all perfect for announcing and launching your rebrand. 

11 promotional item ideas for your rebrand 

From apparel and logo bags to drinkware and stationery, here are our favorite ways to showcase your updated branding… 

1. T-shirts

If your staff already wear a uniform for work, new t-shirts are essential as part of your rebrand, because you’ll need to update their look. And even if they don’t wear a uniform, you might still release custom printed t-shirts especially to build excitement around your rebrand as a promotion.  

Depending on your brand, you might include a simple logo and slogan, or you might have some fun with an inside joke (think McDonald’s: my boss is a clown) or a picture. 

Tip: If you’re changing the uniform, make sure you consult with your staff on their style preferences to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone to wear. 

2. Logo bags

Your employees will love showing off the new brand with a practical new bag they can use at work every day. A logo bag is perfect because it’ll get used everywhere, giving you better visibility on your new branding. And with simple features, logo bags are almost always designed to showcase the logo above all else. 

3. Baseball caps

If your staff already wear hats as part of their job (whether it’s in retail, hospitality, or out on the road), you’ll definitely want to update their hats to newly branded baseball caps. Keep your brand consistent across all their gear, from head to toe, with the right colors and a design that matches your new branding. 

4. Umbrellas

No matter what type of business you operate, all your staff will love using a company umbrella to get them to and from work in all types of weather. Depending on your budget (and the extremity of your local weather) you might go with a simpler compact umbrella, or something a bit heartier. The most important thing is ensuring your brand is front and center – which is what you’ll get with nearly any custom umbrella

5. Mugs

Do your staff drink coffee or tea? You bet they do! So, they’ll definitely appreciate some company branded mugs. Get them excited about the rebrand with their very own coffee mug (either ceramic coffee mugs or insulated mugs). Plus, save the environment with fewer single-use coffee cups at your workplace.  

6. Mouse pads

If your employees spend a lot of the time at the computer, they’ll need a mouse pad. So, why not offer them a company branded mouse pad as part of your rebranding experience? Bonus points if you go beyond the logo and print something fun, interesting, or useful – even if it’s just your core message or important contact details within your company that they need to refer to regularly. 

7. Scarves

Have a bit of fun with your rebrand by giving out branded company accessories or apparelTies are great for employees who regularly wear them, but many men and most ladies don’t. So, choose something with broader appeal, like scarvesjackets, or socks, so all your employees can proudly wear your new brand. 

8. Sticky flags

Sticky flags are essential in-office tools (and everybody loves them). They’re great for planning, setting reminders, leaving notes for colleagues. So, why not make sure everyone has a pad of custom sticky flags with your new branding? It might even encourage your employees to get more organized! 

9. Lanyards

If your employees need to carry IDs, door tags, or keys, a custom lanyard is essential. If you’ve already got some, you’ll need to update them with your new branding.  

Tip: make sure you order enough so you’ve got spares for future conferences, client visitors, and new hires. 

10. Water bottles

Giving out customized water bottles isn’t just about your branding (although it does help with that!). It also says a lot about your company’s commitment to employee wellness. Hopefully, it’ll encourage your employees to drink more water while they’re at work, and they’ll be healthier and more productive as a result! 

11. Candles

Last but not least, why not get some branded natural soy candles? This might seem a little strange at first, but candles are a great gift for your employees, and they can symbolize the beginning of a new era for your company.  

Which option is right for you? 

The answer depends on your brand, your products or services, your audience, and (most especially) your employees. So, keep it on brand and match your people’s interests, values, and sense of humor. If you do that, you’ll choose the right branded merchandise every time. 

Of course, you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can always contact our friendly customer service team for help choosing a product that’ll show your brand in the best light. But if in doubt, a logo bag is always a safe option no matter what your brand or audience. And if you’re ordering a few different items, it makes sense to get custom logo bags or custom tote bags made up to package everything together. 

By the way, customizing your logo bags and other promo gear is so easy. Bagmasters offers designing and branding service to help you get the look you want for a great price, while making it a quick, professional, and stress-free process. 

Get ready for your rebrand and order your branded items!

Don’t leave it all to the last minute – you don’t need that kind of stress. If you’ve got your updated logo and colors ready, now’s the perfect time to order your branded merchandise. It will usually take a few weeks to get everything manufactured and delivered, so it’s a good idea to place your order as early as possible. 

(And if your rebrand is confidential until you launch – don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.) 

To get started, here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Choose an option from the above list, or browse our full collection of promotional merchandise, from logo bags to lanyards 

Step 2: Based on your brand and budget, choose the best item(s) for your rebrand (ask our team for recommendations if you need help) 

Step 3: Customize the colors and add your updated branding (or get free artwork assistance from our team) 

Step 4: Order a free sample to make sure it’s just right for you 

Step 5: Place your full order of logo bags or custom gear, then start distributing it to your team! 

Let the excitement and your brand launch begin! 

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