Custom Drawstring Sports Bags: Why They’re Perfect for Kids’ Summer Camp

Custom Drawstring Sports Bags: Why They’re Perfect for Kids’ Summer Camp

Summer is almost here, so now’s the perfect time to start signing your kids up for summer sports camp!

While you’re at it, why not get your kids and their team matching custom drawstring bags? Not only are they totally practical for kids to carry their supplies to training (like water bottles and snacks), but branded sports bags will help them feel more like a team.  

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the right bag? We’ve got you sorted with info on why you should choose custom drawstring bags, how much they cost, and some other cool promo gear that’s perfect for your kids’ sports teams. 

What’s a Drawstring Bag?

A drawstring bag is a type of bag that’s usually worn as a backpack. It’s a popular style for gym-goers and sports players because the bag is lightweight and flexible, and just the right size to hold training gear and water. 

A standard drawstring bag consists of a rectangular bag with an opening at the top. This opening is closed by a drawstring – pull on the string, and it easily closes. The drawstring is connected to all four corners of the rectangle so that it can be worn as shoulder straps, creating a backpack effect. When not in use, a drawstring bag is easily folded away (or shoved away if you’re a kid).  

You can get drawstring bags with a range of other features beyond the basic canvas and string, including: 

  • Mesh pockets 

  • Zippered pockets 

  • Sequin decorative elements 

  • Internal compartments 

  • Earbud port

  • Waterproofing

Drawstring bags come in a range of fabrics, but most commonly, polyester, neoprene, mesh, jersey, fleece, insulated plastic, and cotton. 

Why Order Custom Drawstring Bags?

Custom drawstring bags are infinitely better than ordering generic sports bags from the local bag shop or discount store. Here’s why: 

  • They’ll be 100% unique to your team 

  • You’ll be able to customize them to your exact colors 

  • You can add your logo, message, or slogan 

  • You get to choose a specific style that suits your team 

  • You can include features like pockets and zips for convenience 

  • They’ll become a treasured possession for team members 

How Much Do They Cost?

Custom drawstring bags cost anywhere from $0.84 - $18.31 when you order them through Bagmasters. The cost of your bag will depend on a range of factors like: 

  • Whether you order a small or large volume (usually, you can get a wholesale discount) 

  • Branding (e.g. Nike) 

  • The type of material 

  • The number of locations for your custom logo or message 

  • Any special features 

You can find a custom drawstring bag that will fit nearly any budget. 

What Kind of Sports Bag Do You Need?

Some of the most popular categories of sports bags include camo drawstring bagsclear drawstring bagscooler drawstring bagsmesh drawstring bagsreflective drawstring bagssublimated drawstring bags, and sports drawstring bags.  

Generally, though, the most popular kinds for kids’ sports groups tend to be the sports drawstring bags or mesh drawstring bags. These designs are sleek, lightweight, and washable (you’ll want to wash everything after sports camp!). 

5 Ways Custom Sports Bags Contribute to Winning Teams

Can a simple bag really help your kid’s team win more games? Well, maybe not, but it sure can’t hurt their chances. Here are some of the ways some custom branded bags can help: 

  1. Motivation – With shiny new custom drawstring bags, your team will be extra motivated to go to training and matches so they can show them off 

  2. Team building – When they look like part of the team, they’ll start to act like it, too 

  3. Fundraising – You could incorporate custom drawstring bags into your fundraising strategy, selling bags to team members to pay for other resources, or selling them to supporters 

  4. Branding – Every kid will want to be a part of the team they recognize, which means your group will get the pick of any upcoming stars 

  5. Reputation – When your reputation precedes you, other teams will notice you more and maybe even feel intimidated by your team’s next-level professionalism 

Other Custom Gear for Kids Sports Teams and Summer Camps

Want to go beyond just a custom drawstring bag? Put together a whole pack of goodies for your kids’ sports team just in time for camp, with items like… 


With long summer days in the sun and on the field, your kid’s sports team will need custom headgear to match their custom drawstring bags. Go with an on-brand sports cap they’ll love to wear on camp, at training, and to any future matches. 


Your kid and their teammates probably already have a uniform they wear to all the games. But when they’re spending a few days at camp, they’ll probably need another shirt (or two). So grab a custom branded sporty tee they can train in or just hang out in with teammates.  


It’s about the details. From the team jersey, down to the custom-branded team socks. Not only do these socks make your team look more put together, but you can be assured that every team member has thick, high-quality socks so they can train comfortably and kick goals (literally). 


Even summer mornings and evenings can get a little chilly at camp. Make sure the team stays warm and cozy leading up to each training session with a custom jacket. And if they’re heading to a game, they’ll look the part from when they arrive until they’re ready to play on field. 


Why bring just any old gym towel when you can order custom sports towels for the entire team? It’ll encourage team members to stop bringing their old bath towel to training (not the best look). 

Sports Bottle

Make sure the whole team stays hydrated with custom team sports water bottles. Or for a bit of fun, some collapsible water bottles. These essentials are perfect to throw in their custom drawstring bags.  


Want to encourage budding athletes to work on their fitness between training sessions? They’ll love having their own pedometer to track movement and stick to their training goals. You could even set a challenge to see who can walk the furthest between sessions. 

Duffel Bag

Sometimes a drawstring sports bag isn’t big enough for what you need. That’s where a custom duffel bag is the perfect alternative for sporty kids. The right duffel bag might even be big enough to hold all their summer camp gear! 


Got hours of outside training planned? Make sure there’s sunscreen aplenty to keep everyone protected. A team-branded custom sunscreen tube will help reinforce the importance of sun safety for all team members. 


This one is less for the sports players and more for the dedicated spectators. But it’s important that you don’t forget the moms and dads who give up weekends and evenings to take their kids to training and events. Say thank you with a custom scarf in team colors that they can wear to every match as they cheer the players on!  

Order Your Team’s Custom Drawstring Bags

Got training or games coming up? Sports camp in a month or so? Or just want to give your team a little boost with some cool promo gear?  

Order your team’s custom drawstring bags from Bagmasters today. With our fast lead times and speedy shipping, you could have your custom drawstring bags in as little as 3 weeks. You’ll be all ready in time for summer camps, sporting events, and whatever else the upcoming season throws at you!  

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