15 Gift Ideas that Are Perfect for Your Family Reunion

15 Gift Ideas that Are Perfect for Your Family Reunion

Have a family reunion planned for this summer? You aren’t the only one. Summer is the perfect time of year to get together with your extended family and enjoy the beautiful weather outside while catching up, introducing new family members, and creating special memories together. 

Turn your gathering into something extra special by sharing custom gifts with your loved ones. Whether a custom drawstring bag, a t-shirt, or something else, your whole family will appreciate a special keepsake (or two) to remind them of the amazing time spent together at your family reunion.  

Looking for family reunion gift bag ideas? We’ve put together a list of our most popular family reunion gift ideas so you can pick and choose the gifts that are best suited to your occasion and your family.  

1. Custom Drawstring Bags

First thing’s first – if you’re going to give someone a gift, you’ll need something to put it in. Skip the gift wrapping or single-use gift bag and go with something that will last. Instead, order some custom drawstring bags in bulk, printed with a fun or meaningful message, and they can double as a keepsake for your family! You can gift your custom drawstring bags as a standalone gift or use them to carry any other goodies you want to share with your family members. The best part is, you’re giving a gift that’s practical, reusable, and that anyone in your family will appreciate. Plus, custom drawstring bags are easy to carry and make a great bag for any short family hikes you’ve got planned. 

2. Custom Tote Bags

If custom drawstring bags aren’t your jam, why not try custom tote bags instead? They’re equally practical and easy to customize with your message. They also make great reusable shopping bags, so you can skip the plastic bags, with a durable build and strong shoulder straps. You’ll be able to fit all sorts of fun family reunion gifts, keepsakes and souvenirs inside your totes.  

3. Custom Mugs

Got lots of coffee and tea drinkers in your family? Why not surprise them with a custom mug personalized with your most recent family photo, a picture of the family tree, or your family name? It’s the perfect family reunion souvenir idea – they’ll get warm and fuzzy feelings every time they have their morning cup of coffee or tea and think back on the fun times you shared together. Throw in a few samples of tea or sachets of instant coffee, and you’ve got yourself a gift they can use right away (just add hot water!).  

4. Polaroid Photo Cameras

The best ideas for family reunion keepsakes are meaningful, fun, and interactive. A polaroid camera ticks all the right boxes. Your family members can capture special memories at your get together and print them off instantly to share and enjoy. Be sure to provide something like a custom drawstring bag along with the camera to help keep it safe and to store any printed photos. 

5. T-Shirts

Nothing says “we’re family” like matching shirts with your family name! Order custom promotional t-shirts for your entire family to wear at your next family reunion (and all future ones). If you’re hosting your reunion in a crowded park with other groups of people around, this can be a really practical way to keep track of everyone, too.  

6. Beer Mugs or Wine Glasses 

Is your family known for their appreciation of beer or wine? If so, they’ll love getting custom beer mugs or custom wine glasses as a keepsake. Especially if they can use them to make and share new memories before the reunion’s over. Don’t forget to include some bottle openers, too! 

7. Beach Towels

Are you planning to host your summer family reunion near a lake or beach? Your family will love making memories by the water, and you can make their experience even more unforgettable with some keepsake custom beach towels. Order matching custom drawstring bags to carry the towels around and you’ve got a complete gift set ready to go. Don’t forget to organize a group photo with everyone wrapped up in or sitting on their matching towels.  

8. Picnic Blankets

Will your family reunion include a picnic lunch? If so, custom picnic blankets are a thoughtful and practical gift that your family can use over and over again. Providing picnic blankets will also make sure everyone has a place to sit down and eat, even if they forget to bring their own blanket or chair. 

9. Homemade Baked Goods

Looking for something small but meaningful to add to your gift bags? Pull out the family recipe book and bake a cookie recipe that’s been handed down through the generations. Package your fresh cookies in little bags and hand them out (along with a copy of the recipe). See if anyone can recognize the flavor of your cookies when they take a bite! 

10. Puzzles and Card Games

If you’re spending a few nights away with your family, it’s a good idea to think about entertainment, so you don’t all end up looking at your phone the whole time. One great family reunion gift idea is a set of custom playing cards or puzzles. These are great for your whole family – from young kids to grandparents. With plenty of games to go ‘round, your extended family can get to know each other better – whether you’re camping outdoors, staying in cabins in the woods, or hanging out at a hotel.  

11. Balls and Toys

Do you have an outdoorsy type family? Or need to find a gift that’s suitable for all the nieces and nephews? Order a bunch of custom games, toys, and balls they can run around and play with. Put together packs of toys in a custom drawstring bag so nothing gets lost. All the kids in your family will get hours of fun from their gifts and it’ll be a cool keepsake they can take home afterwards.  

12. USB Flash Drives 

Do you have a collection of old photos, scanned letters, and other digital memories you’d like to share with your family? You could share these on a custom USB stick. Either give it out at the start of the event with your custom drawstring bag or save it until the end so you can load up a collection of the best photos from your family reunion, too!  

13. Notebook or Journal

When you’re getting a large extended family together, there’s a good chance some members won’t have met before or may have lost contact over the years. So, why not design a custom notebook to make it easy for your family members to exchange contact information and stay in touch? Your custom design could include a message on the front, like “Smith family” so they can easily find all the details again. 

14. Aprons

A family that bakes (or barbecues) together, stays together. If your family reunion is likely to include a lot of cooking, a custom printed apron could be the perfect family reunion gift! It might even encourage a few more family members to try out their cooking (or washing up) skills, so you can work together to create the perfect meal. 

15. Coasters

Make coasters cool again and make sure everyone in your extended family brings home a set of custom coasters to remember you by. Get creative with your coasters and print a set of fun family photos, family sayings or jokes, or engrave them with a message such as “Smith family reunion 2019”.   

Order Custom Drawstring Bags & More for Your Family Reunion or Event 

So, how do you choose which gifts are best for your upcoming event? 

Every family is different – it’s why we’ve included so many suggestions to choose from. But perhaps a few of these ideas stood out to you? If you can picture everyone appreciating the gift or having a good laugh at it, then it’s probably perfect for your family. Or go all out and order your top 3-5 gifts, then stash them together in a custom drawstring bag.  

If you’re planning a family gathering this summer, don’t wait too long to order your family reunion gifts and custom drawstring bags. Bagmasters has you covered with fast lead times and speedy shipping - you could have your custom drawstring bags in as little as 3 weeks. Just in time to pack your bags and head to the reunion! 

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