Company Field Trip Ideas and Must-Brings: Custom Coolers, Backpacks, and Fanny Packs

Company Field Trip Ideas and Must-Brings: Custom Coolers, Backpacks, and Fanny Packs

Company field trips offer ample opportunities for businesses to build camaraderie between their employees, creating a culture that promotes teamwork, caring, and fun. Fulfilling this type of company culture improves employee satisfaction in the workplace and creates a positive impact on job performance — a win-win.

If it’s time for your company to plan its next field trip, you might be wondering how you can get a jump on the important task of making the field trip a successful experience for all involved. For your company field trip to go off without a hitch, you’ll need to invest time planning the details. If you aren’t certain about how to start with the planning process for your company field trip ideas, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got plenty of helpful company field trip ideas we’ll cover here, including how to plan your next company field trip, and what you should bring!

 How to Plan Your Company Field Trip

Not sure how to start planning a company field trip? Don’t fret. Planning a company field trip isn’t exactly easy, so if you’re new to the process but willing to take some time out to learn how to utilize company field trip ideas to make your next outing one to remember, then you’re already on the right path.

First things first — planning a company field trip takes time. But putting in the time will help you pull off a company field trip where your employees can make lifelong memories with their colleagues. To help make your company field trip a success, we’ve broken down some helpful steps to guide you through the process.

 Pick a Location

If you already know where your team wants to go for its company field trip, then you’ll be able to skip this step. However, if you do need some company field trip ideas about a potential destination, then we’ve got some concepts for you to consider.

If you need some ideas for a location, talk to your colleagues to gather a few ideas. If you work with a large group, you can even send out a company-wide poll. No matter what your ideas are, try to pick places that enhance and reinforce your organization’s overall goals.

Most company field trip ideas focus on locations that help build teamwork amongst employees, so places where people can connect and develop deeper relationships while still offering a casual, relaxed atmosphere are ideal for this type of event. Some popular company field trip ideas include picnics, the beach, restaurants, air shows, car shows, parades, and similar activities. All of these activities give employees the opportunity to converse while still having an entertaining day together.

 Plan Your Transportation

Now that you’ve got your destination picked out, how are you going to get there? If you have the option of providing transportation for your employees, reserving buses for a company field trip is generally affordable and won’t cost employees any extra cash in gas. If this isn’t feasible, another idea is simply to have employees drive themselves (carpool, anyone?).

Plan a Schedule

You may or may not need to plan a schedule depending on what company field trip ideas you have. Some company field trips, like picnics or car shows, are self-explanatory when it comes to a schedule. Depending on what your group will be doing, you may need to slot out time for different activities. Most employees love when they get a pre-planned schedule of activities before the event, so if that’s feasible for your destination, consider making one.

Don’t Forget About Food

Make sure you also include a food plan, because no matter what your company field trip ideas are, you’ll probably all need to eat at some point. You can consider a few food options, depending on the budget for the field trip:

  • Eating out — You can grab lunch at a nearby restaurant or cafeteria. Depending on the company budget, this can covered by the company on the trip, or all pay for their own food. Make sure you pre-plan a place ahead of time if you are going to do this because you may get group discounts, and you also need to make sure the restaurant is prepared to seat a large party.

  • Bringing food — You can ask your employees to bring their own food, which is the cheapest choice for everyone.

What to Bring on Your Company Field Trip

Along with planning your company field trip ideas, you also need to bring along a few helpful items and let your employees know what they should bring along. Planning what employees can take along with them depends on your location, and if you are doing something indoors or outdoors, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

First Aid Kit

Make sure you bring along a first aid kit for any type of company field trip, just in case anything happens. You never know when you might need one and having a first aid kit will not only make people feel safer, they’ll come in handy in case of an emergency.

Hats and Sun Protection

Hats and clothing to protect from the sun are both necessary if you are taking a company field trip outdoors. Oh, and don’t forget the sunblock! A fun way to ensure your employees stay cool in the heat is to gift everyone a custom hat and custom sunscreen with your company’s logo on it. Your team will be able to conveniently protect themselves from the sun all while sporting your company swag.

Backpacks and Fanny Packs

Depending on where your team is going, it may not make sense for employees to bring their normal purse or bag that they typically bring to the office. Gifting your team custom backpacks or fanny packs with your company’s logo can help your team easily carry all their belongings while also boosting morale.

Refreshments and Snacks

Refreshments like water bottles, iced tea, soda, and snacks make any company field trip more enjoyable for your employees. We recommend buying a variety of drinks and snacks in bulk so there’s something for everyone.

Custom Coolers

You’re going to need something to keep your refreshments and snacks in and custom coolers are a great option. Easily carry your team’s goodies in custom coolers with your company’s logo on them to keep the team spirit alive.

Best of all, custom coolers with your company’s logo can be used again and again. They’ll remind your employees of your company field trip and bring back good feelings about your company’s culture and the camaraderie between employees.

Now that you’re full of company field trip ideas, are you ready to find the best quality custom coolers for your company field trip? At Bagmasters, you can choose from thousands of customizable promotional items like custom coolers, bags, fanny packs, and more. Start customizing your custom coolers here.

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