How Breast Cancer Awareness Tote Bags Help Foundations Create Social Impact

How Breast Cancer Awareness Tote Bags Help Foundations Create Social Impact

Most people are familiar with the importance of the iconic pink ribbon. We see them nationally every October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The use of pink ribbons is increasingly popular for individuals who support breast cancer awareness and research. Because of the popularization of the pink ribbon, many companies have decided to offer T-shirts and breast cancer awareness tote bags. These products create an opportunity for people who want a way to show their support. However, what many businesses don’t realize is that breast cancer awareness products also offer opportunities for companies to promote their brand while raising awareness for the disease. 

Many of the pink ribbon T-shirts and other accessories that are available for purchase will donate part of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness and research. Donating to the cause makes customers feel noble when buying breast cancer awareness apparel and accessories. The intrinsic benefit of a charitable act is one reason why breast cancer awareness tote bags are one accessory gaining popularity. These bags are a fantastic way to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Using these totes becomes a great marketing idea for nonprofit organizations trying to raise both money and awareness about breast cancer. Also, breast cancer awareness accessories offer companies the ability to tie their brand in with a charitable cause, reinforcing the fact that businesses care for their customers and their community.  

Tote Bags for Breast Cancer

Pink ribbon totes have become one of the best nonprofit marketing ideas for organizations trying to boost the population’s knowledge about the impact of breast cancer. Pink-themed tote bags are now popping up everywhere year-round and are no longer limited to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

It’s common to see nonprofit organizations and businesses now selling breast cancer awareness tote bags all year round. Many women want to buy something that shows their support while being useful longer than just a month out of the year. A personalized tote bag supporting breast cancer awareness helps to make a statement while also contributing money to the cure. They come from nonprofits making the bags themselves, or businesses contributing part of their proceeds to a nonprofit organization, charity, or research benefit. 

Pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and always feature pink. These tote bags for women include the traditional pink ribbon worn during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bag sizes range from totes to purses to laptop bags. Many people find that breast cancer awareness tote bags make thoughtful gifts for women because they are useful items that support the important fight against breast cancer.  

Giving an Impactful Gift 

Promoting breast cancer awareness accessories as thoughtful gifts offer great marketing ideas for nonprofit organizations. These tote bags not only show care and concern for the person receiving the gift but also prove a great deal of thought and kindness with the purchase. Part of the proceeds from pink ribbon accessories go to nonprofit foundations that help breast cancer awareness and help those struggling with breast cancer.  

Some foundations use breast cancer awareness accessories to spread the word about breast cancer. Mobile Edge, for example, has successfully raised over $400,000 in proceeds towards breast cancer education over the years, helping more women win the battle against breast cancer. Some companies feel it is part of their business’s social responsibility to give back, meaning for every breast cancer awareness item bought, they donate a percentage of the purchase to breast cancer foundations.  

Nonprofit Marketing Ideas  

While companies like Mobile Edge are working hard to raise awareness with their breast cancer awareness tote bags and $400,000 might sound like a lot of money, hospital bills of breast cancer survivors can run in the six-figure-range per person. These cost estimates mean that while every little bit helps, companies should be doing more with their marketing ideas for nonprofit organizations to help win the fight against breast cancer. Sascha Cohen, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, disclosed her struggle with breast cancer and mentioned the price for her hospital stay and breast cancer surgery, which was $173,000. Cohen mentioned that she was lucky enough to have all of this covered through her health insurance, but that’s not true for those who have breast cancer. That’s why many companies today are looking for nonprofit marketing ideas to address breast cancer awareness and raise money for research. 

So, how can companies approach their marketing ideas when it comes to breast cancer awareness tote bags? First, finding a nonprofit organization or charity to donate part of the proceeds is a great place to start. For those companies wanting to raise awareness in the United States, consider checking out The Breast Cancer Charities of America. For companies looking to raise money in Canada, a helpful nonprofit to work with is Wellspring

Once you’ve selected a charity to work with, figuring out what portion of the proceeds that will go to charity is the next step. Many companies use a percentage of the proceeds after selling breast cancer awareness products, like Mobile Edge. On the other hand, some companies decide to match a certain percentage of the donations received and send that money to charity. Thirty-One-Gifts is one website that works this way, but they only raise awareness in October. However, there’s never a bad time to raise money for breast cancer awareness, so using strategies like this year-round is a great way to help the world win the battle against breast cancer.  

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness  

Nonprofit organizations searching for marketing ideas related to breast cancer awareness have an opportunity to use breast cancer awareness tote bags to create a social impact. So, when considering breast cancer benefiting tote bags for women, make sure to take a look at what we have to offer today. 

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