6 Conference Gift Bag Ideas Marketers Should Know in 2019

6 Conference Gift Bag Ideas Marketers Should Know in 2019

Conferences and trade shows are the perfect opportunities for companies to get face to face with the public and build their network with current and potential clients. Consumers love getting the chance to meet with companies and find one that can help solve their everyday business needs while raking in free swag items from the participating vendors.  

Utilizing swag is a great way for companies to stay relevant in the minds of consumers long after an event has taken place, as patrons take their branded freebies and use them in the office and at home. Ensuring swag is useful and practical is one of the most important features for companies to consider when purchasing wholesale items to hand out at an upcoming event; printed collateral, bulky, or cheap items have a high risk of ending up in the trash and may negatively impact your businesses branding efforts.  

Customized tote bags are tried and true swag items that are one of the most popular handouts for businesses at an event for a variety of reasons:  

  • Customizable: There are hundreds of ways to customize bags for events. Wholesale tote bags can be purchased for relatively cheap and have endless options in terms of type, size, and color. In addition, most retailers are able to provide a range of printing services for branding.  

  • Durability: Whether they’re carrying the free swag accumulated at an event or used as grocery and shopping bags, tote bags are popular for their ability to be versatile and durable; able to be used long after they are handed out at an event.  

  • Eco-friendly: Cutting back on one-time-use products has become a popular practice for consumers and businesses the world over in the past few years and reusable bags are one of the easiest products to go green with. Many grocery stores and retailers have reduced the use of one-time-use plastic bags and sometimes charge a fee for customers who need to use them; shoppers who bring reusable bags help not only the environment but also their wallets. 

  • Ongoing Marketing: One of the most popular reasons for businesses to use branded tote bags is that they provide ongoing, free marketing. Brand recognition is one of the main factors that play into consumer choices when purchasing a product and getting a brand into the public eye as much as possible is the best way to promote it.  

Instead of handing out an ordinary customized tote bag at your next conference or trade show, go the extra mile of making it a gift bag. Filling it with additional goodies will help get customers excited, help drive traffic to your booth and leave a more impactful impression on your clients.    

Conference Gift Bag Ideas 

Travel Bags 

Never underestimate the power of more functional giveaways at conferences. Many attendees travel long distances to attend an event and small toiletry supplies, such as lip balm, are often easily overlooked while packing. Make life easy for attendees and relieve the stress of having to make a run to a drug store by making sure they have everything they may need to tide them over until they return home.  

Supplies: Zipped Toiletry Bag, folding brush with mirror, earplugs and eye mask set, lip balm. 

Tech Bags 

Conference attendees are always on the move and networking and need to make sure their phones are always ready to exchange info and help them navigate a new area. Keep everyone, and their phones, powered and connected by supplying drawstring backpacks with helpful tech supplies that will eliminate the need to bring their own chargers and waiting at charging stations while they power their devices.  

Supplies: drawstring backpack, portable charger, flash driveheadphones 

Survival Bags 

While conferences and trade shows offer great networking and learning opportunities, they have a tendency to leave attendees and vendors worn out at the end. Help everyone stay healthy and on their game by providing survival kits that will tackle any surprise issues that may pop up. 

Supplies: Mini tote, pain relievers, blister relievers, safety pins, hand sanitizer, tide to go pen, floss sticks, mints. 

Luxury Bags 

With so many companies competing in the same space for customers, it is no surprise that many attendees end up getting the same swag items, just with different logos throughout the course of an event; Making it challenging for a company to stand out from the rest of the crowd with their giveaways. Try going against the grain by putting together a smaller number of luxury bags, with embroidered logos or attendee names and add valuable items that attendees will get excited about. Because there will only be a limited number of these bags, they can be given away as a raffle or contest award, or to early registrants. Luxury bag giveaways can also be a great tool to drive engagement with specific demographics a business is focused on targeting and are the perfect ideas for women’s conference gift bags.  

Supplies: Luxury tote bagcustomized speaker, visa gift card, and a tablet or e-reader. 

Game Bags 

Who says only conference-goers should be the ones to get all the cool free stuff? Kids can benefit from their parents’ attendance at events with customized tote bags that are filled with small games and puzzles. These can also be a win for attendees who don’t have children, as they help provide a great way to relax after a long day of networking.   

Supplies: Small tote bag, mini-puzzle, a small book of brain teasers, crossword puzzle. 

“Green” Bags 

As trends move more and more towards environmentally conscious gifts, giving away more eco-friendly swag items will be well received by attendees. Ensuring swag items are made from recycled materials is a great way to show how much your company cares about the environment and sustainability. 

Supplies: Eco-friendly tote, pen and paper made from recycled material, plant seeds. Bonus item: make a small donation to a non-profit and put the donation confirmation into the bag to notify attendees that a donation has been made in their honor.  

Customized totes as conference gift bag ideas always prove to be a crowd-pleaser and are the perfect option for businesses to build their brands and connect with consumers. Next time a conference or trade show is on the horizon for your business, think of a few fun and new ways to up the swag game and connect with your clients. From customized wholesale tote bags to the additional swag to fill them with, Bagmasters has everything needed to prepare for your next event. 


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