Back to School Ideas for Teachers: Make the First Week Fun with Tote Bag Goodies

Back to School Ideas for Teachers: Make the First Week Fun with Tote Bag Goodies

With summer over, it’s time for everybody to start thinking about returning to school. One of the first things most teachers have to consider is how to creatively welcome their students to the classroom. Teachers will want to do this in a way that is educational and innovative. That’s where back to school tote bags for your students, packed with several school-themed goodies, can make an excellent welcome back. Custom teacher tote bags designed to hold fun, small, and useful gifts for students add a personal touch to the functionality of the gifts the idea. Creating custom totes as welcome back bags for students one of the best back to school ideas for teachers around.  

Picking Out Your Back to School Tote Bags 

When preparing to design your custom teacher tote bags for your students, you need to select the type of tote bag you plan to use first. Your back to school tote bags can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and feature a bevy of different functionality choices. For example, if you want your tote bags to be small and custom, check out our custom printed hand out tote bags. These little backpack totes feature 100% recycled materials, so they’ll help you raise green awareness with your students as well as allowing you to customize your message. If you’re looking for something more standard, then a large non-woven die cut hand tote offers another possibility. These totes are reusable, strong, and environmentally friendly as well.  

If you’re leaning towards a laminated bag for your back to school tote bags, then take a look at our laminated peak tote. This tote bag is great for teachers wanting to give a useful, waterproof bag to their students so students won’t be submitting wet schoolwork on rainy days. If that option is too large for you, then consider an itty bitty tote bag. You can fit smaller items inside of the Itty-Bitty Tote Bag, but it’s still large enough to carry books. This bag works well for smaller hands, so if you teach any primary grades, this would be a wonderful choice for your class.  

Selecting Personalized Graphics for Your Back to School Tote Bags 

If you want to give your students something they’ll cherish for the school year, you can make a custom tote bag as your back to school bag. You’ll be able to choose a graphic to add to their bags. While no graphics are ever a requirement to add, they certainly brighten up the gift. Most children love cartoons and fun decorations on their items. So, adding a custom graphic that welcomes the children back to school will help brighten up your gift to them. After you select your graphic and type for your back to school tote bags, you can then think about the school supplies and candy items you want to place inside of the bag.  

What to Put Inside Your Bags 

If you’re thinking about what to put inside your custom teacher tote bags, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some great ideas for you that include erasers, pencils, bookmarks, stickers, and much more.  


When you start figuring out what types of school supply items you want to put in your back to school tote bags, you’ll want to include an eraser with the bag. One of the neatest back to school ideas for teachers is to include a note with each item. If you want to do that with your eraser, leave students a nice note telling them that it is okay to make mistakes because they’ll be able to learn from them. 


The next item you’ll want to include in your custom teacher tote bags is a pencil. When you’re looking at pencils to give your students, you can look at ones that have their names on them.  


Another excellent and useful item to include in your custom teacher tote bags is a bookmark for each student. You can print the bookmarks and make a special design for the whole class. This is one of the more enjoyable back to school ideas for teachers.  


Your back to school tote bags should also provide your students with some fun items! You can have custom stickers created or buy some fun back to school designs. Your students can put them on their lunch boxes or even on their desks to add some color and fun to their schooldays! 

A Journal 

custom journal with your school mascot is a great back to school gift for students. There’s bound to be one student who forgets their notebook on the first day, so having gifting a notebook will get them ready to take notes and succeed in your class! 

 Final Thoughts 

For your back to school tote bags, consider printed tote bags with back-to-school designs or your school mascot. If you want to go a bit beyond that idea, then you can create some personalized tote bags to welcome your students back to school. No matter what you do, make sure you plan out including some thoughtful school supply items inside of the tote bag that you can also customize as you see fit. Then, by explaining to your students what each item inside the tote bag stands for, you should be able to show some classroom collaboration themes to them before jumping into your lesson plans. So, if you’re ready to take a look at some options for your back to school tote bags, then make sure to check out our selection of printed tote bags today. 


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