The Surprising Secret to Helping Your Remote Employees Excel

The Surprising Secret to Helping Your Remote Employees Excel

With so many companies going partly (or even fully) remote, how do you ensure your employees are engaged and excited to work for you? And how do you maintain that feeling of excitement? 

It’s an important question that more organizations are asking, as they realize both the benefits and challenges of remote work.  

Below, we’ve put together some helpful tips, including some of the latest stats on remote work, the benefits, and how to boost employee engagement with remote team members. Find out why branded gifts like promotional bags and custom pens help your remote workers feel like part of the team, even when they are not in the office every day. 

Let’s start with some background on remote work. 

The move to remote work

If your business has remote team members (whether they’re 100% remote or do a few days in the office), you are part of a growing movement. Here are a few interesting stats on remote work: 

Why allow your employees to work remote?

More employees are looking for workplaces that offer flexible and out of the office working conditions. For some it’s about work-life balance and lifestyle, while for others, it’s the only way they can contribute their skills to an organization.  

But it’s not just about your employees – offering remote work has its advantages for employers too:  

  • Better retention – you find employees who are invested in their work, with companies that support remote work benefiting from a 25% higher retention rate 

  • Larger talent pool – you can hire the best person for a job no matter where they are located, even if your local market has a talent shortage 

  • Greater inclusivity and diversity – remote work can provide better opportunities for people with disabilities, older workers, and parents with young children 

  • Reduced expenses – with fewer resources required in the office, you spend less on office space and equipment 

And finally, a big benefit – increased engagement. Engagement is an important metric to focus on, because when your employees are engaged, you see results like: 

  • More open communication and collaboration between staff 

  • More committed team members and higher retention 

  • Greater feelings of connectedness and belonging 

  • Increased productivity 

  • Happier employees (even without a raise) 

  • Creativity and strategic thinking 

  • Quality work 

  • Customer satisfaction 

  • Greater profitability 

But with engagement and remote work, it can be a double-edged sword.  

The challenge with engaging remote employees 

While offering perks like flexible and remote working conditions can lead to more engagement for some employees, it won’t work for everyone.  

One survey showed that 30% engagement among employees who only worked in the office, while this number went up to 41% for employees who spent an average of 3-4 days per week working remotely. But interestingly, the number of employees who felt engaged went back down to 30% if they were spending all their time working remotely. 

While it might seem strange at first, this makes sense when you consider what your 100% remote staff might be missing out on: 

  • Connection with their colleagues 

  • Proper conversations 

  • Opportunities for professional development and networking 

  • Clear boundaries to encourage the work-life balance they really want 

  • Feeling valued and heard 

  • A sense of belonging and culture 

  • The chance to physically connect with the brand 

So, what’s the answer? How can companies ensure their employees can still enjoy all the benefits of working remotely, while ensuring maximum engagement levels? 

The secret? Promotional bags, notebooks, and more! 

There are lots of tips and tricks to boost your remote employees’ engagement levels. One of the best ways to create a physical connection and develop a sense of value and belonging is with company branded gifts delivered to their door. 

For example, promotional bags with your company logo are a practical gift they will be proud to use out and about. If you fill your promotional bags with other goodies like notebooks, pens, a mouse pad, headphones, and maybe even a company branded T-shirt, your gift can make an even greater impact. Showcase your appreciation for all their hard work.  

If you sent every remote employee a surprise delivery, imagine how that could impact your company? Imagine how much your productivity and retention rate will skyrocket!  

3 Employee engagement pack ideas you can mail 

The best promotional bags and promo items for your remote team will depend on your employees’ preferences and your company’s brand values and culture. To start, here are 3 ideas for promotional bags and branded merchandise you can put inside: 

Briefcase promotional bags for salespeople and consultants 

 A large number of remote workers are in sales or professional consulting. Their promotional bags need to be functional and stylish for on-the-go meetings or working from a coffee shop. Go with a briefcase or messenger bag big enough for a laptop and any documents they might need. Add a travel mug (because #coffeeislife), power bank for keeping their devices charged, and a cute stress reliever. It is a gift they can appreciate and use every day no matter where they work. 

Luggage promotional bags for digital nomads

A lot of employees love the flexibility of remote work because they can travel while working. If you know your employees are digital nomads (or aspiring to be), support their goals with promotional bags they will use again and again. A luggage bag is perfect for them to take on holidays (working or not). Add a branded travel kittravel wallet, and a high quality journal or notebook (that can they can use for work or travel) and you’ve got the ultimate employee engagement gift for a digital nomad. 

Backpack promotional bags for lifestyle loving workers 

Most remote workers value flexibility, lifestyle, and work-life balance. So, why not gift them promotional bags to match their goals? They love a new backpack to take to local coffee shops or a drawstring backpack for those early morning trips to the gym. Add a pair of headphones for work or leisure, a comfy branded T-shirt, and a custom jotter for taking notes on-the-go. Your remote employees will really appreciate the thought that’s gone into their gift and that they work for an organization that supports their values. 

Customize your gifts for maximum impact

No matter what combination of gifts you choose, make sure you customize them to your brand. That way, it’s not just a gift – you’re giving a piece of your brand and company to your employees that they can physically connect with. Many employees will use their promotional bags and branded gifts every day, with a special spot for them on their work desk at home (in between the coffee mugs and scribbled post-it notes). 

You can even take your customization one step further. Add a personalized note that talks about how much you appreciate your employee and how you look forward to seeing them grow in their career. It’s a small but powerful detail that can make all the difference for someone who works remotely. 

Finding your promotional bags is the best place to start 

There are lots of other methods and best practices to help you engage your remote workers. For example: regular video conferencing, scheduled in-person catch-ups, and opportunities for employees to pursue their career goals and personal interests. And you should absolutely do all of that.  

But the quickest way to jump-start your employee engagement is with a gift that’ll surprise and delight them, whether they’re brand new employees, or they’ve been working at your company for a while. 

Start by finding promotional bags that are the right fit for your brand and your employees’ interests. Then, customize them to your brand by choosing the colors and adding your logo. Once your new promotional bags and branded gifts arrive, all you need to do is package them up, ship them to your employees, and wait to hear their reactions! 

Ready to start designing? Order your new promotional bags today!   

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