Custom Tote Bags and Personalized Wedding Gifts for Your Bridal Shower

Custom Tote Bags and Personalized Wedding Gifts for Your Bridal Shower

Are you planning your bridal shower or a bridal shower for your best friend, sister, or someone else in your life? Personalized bridal shower gifts are a great way to help any soon-to-be bride and her friends stock their home with the essentials, while commemorating the special day too. Everything from wine glasses to eye masks (and custom tote bags to carry it all in) add personal touches that can turn ordinary bridal showers into memorable celebrations.

If you’re looking for personalized wedding gifts for a bridal shower, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 favorite ideas.

1. Custom Wine Tumblers

Celebrating the bride-to-be’s big day calls for wine, which is why custom wine tumblers like these Vino2Go Wine Tumblers are the perfect option. These double-wall tumblers add a playful element to any gathering and help everyone keep track of their own drink. Even better, the wine glass-shaped inner wall provides a shapely ten-ounce reservoir, while the insulated exterior wall keeps wine cooler, longer.

2. 19 Oz. Tall Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for something a little more polished, these 19 Oz. Tall Wine Glasses are a great choice. These sleek wine glasses are enhanced by wide bases, sturdy stems, and chip-resistant rolled rims meaning you and your best friends will be sipping in style. The rounded design provides plenty of area for custom text, monograms, logos or graphics so you can include whatever you would like to commemorate the special day.

3. Wine Bottle Stopper

If you’re celebrating with your friends and enjoying a glass of wine (or two), you’ll need a wine bottle stopper for any bottles you don’t finish. Best of all, this small gift can be used for years to come, meaning everyone will remember the great times had at the bridal shower.

4. Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

These gorgeous glasses offer all the same benefits as their glass counterparts, along with sleek stainless steel inner and outer walls, meaning they can be tossed in a custom tote bag without fear of breaking. Our stainless steel stemless wine glasses have double-wall construction combined with vacuum insulation to keep beverages cold so you can enjoy the freshest drinks throughout the bridal shower and beyond.

5. Custom Wine Tote Bag

Now that you have your custom wine tumblers, wine glasses, and bottle stopper, you need the most important part—the wine—and something to put it in. A custom tote bag for your wine bottles is the perfect gift for a bridal shower. These custom wine tote bags will pair perfectly with your custom wine glasses at this gathering.

6. LED Aluminum Key Tag with a Built-In Bottle Opener

This gift is a fun idea for a bridal shower since you’ll be needing a bottle opener, but it’s also useful for everyday life. With this LED aluminum key tag with bottle opener, you can attach it right to your keys and keep it on you on the go, or easily throw it in your custom tote bag along with all of your other custom bridal shower gifts.

7. 16 Oz. Ale Glass Can

With a familiar yet unexpected design, these 16 ounce ale glass cans feature an authentic can style with inset lips, straight sides and ridged heels making them a great way to enjoy your favorite beer, sparkling water, or other canned beverage but in a glass with a unique touch. Add some casual sophistication to bridal showers with an etched-style imprinting for logos and text.

8. 24 Oz. Yard Cup With Straw

These cups are perfect for casual celebrations like bridal showers and all of the other related festivities. The 24 oz. yard cups with straws are voluminous and equipped with snap-on lids and 19-inch straws. They are also made of sturdy, shatter-proof plastic that's food-grade and BPA-free, meaning they won’t shatter if you throw them in your custom tote bag.

9. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask Set

While custom wine tumblers and 24-ounce yard cups are fun gifts, sometimes you and your friends need custom bridal shower gifts to help you relax after the party. These comforting custom wedding gifts help ensure a relaxing honeymoon flight for the bride-to-be or for the bridesmaids flying home after the big day. Our ear plugs and eye mask set also includes a convenient zippered carry pouch that keeps everything clean, fresh and organized.

10. Custom Tote Bag

Is there a better way to carry all of your bridal shower goodies than a custom tote bag? The bride-to-be can pack for her honeymoon with this bag while remembering all the good times she had at her bridal shower while the rest of the party can use their bag for their everyday activities.  

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