Why Use Custom Branded Backpacks In Marketing?

Why Use Custom Branded Backpacks In Marketing?

Why Use Custom Branded Backpacks In Marketing?

Step Aside Tote Bags! There's a new bag in town.

Did you know that custom printed promotional backpacks are one of the best ways to raise your level of brand awareness and leave a great, lasting impression?

Recently I read an article on Self.com entitled, “I Started Carrying A Backpack and Now I Never Want to Use a Tote Bag Again” by Amy Marturana. Although I personally am still a huge fan of the almighty tote bag, her experience definitely swayed me into reconsidering backpacks as the promotional go-to bag:

When you’re an editor, you end up collecting an absurd amount of tote bags. Every event or product launch you go to, you walk away with various tote bags. So for a while, I was repurposing tote bags to transport all my belongings. Except tote bags dig into your shoulders, make the weight uneven on each side of your body, and a lot of times, they don’t close.

After a few years decorating my shoulders with tote bags, my very practical boyfriend asked me a simple question: “Why don’t you just carry a backpack?” Why didn’t I? ... So I decided to go on a hunt for backpacks...
— https://www.self.com/gallery/best-backpacks

When it comes to functionality, I think Amy has a great point. Backpacks provide much more functionality than traditional bags and totes. They are the perfect bag to carry all of your swag items as well. A custom promotional backpack makes quite the value proposition because of how versatile they can be.

Functionality and Versatility Are Key

Here’s just a few great uses that backpacks have in our life:

  • Hiking - makes carrying camping essentials, clothes, snacks, and all the necessities of life so much easier for long periods of time.

  • Snow / Surf / Ski - action sports require something that allows easy body movement and backpacks still keep that body unencumbered while keeping clothes dry or gear handy.

  • Biking: with the popularity of inner-city cycling, backpacks make lugging around jackets, water-bottles, lunch, or tablets so much more convenient.

  • Office - if you carry a laptop to meetings, have a lot of documents, a solid backpack keeps everything tidy and easy to carry.

  • School - a classic product for school to carry books, papers, supplies, etc.

  • Urban - riding the subway to work or walking around the city, it’s super handy.

Versatility is why custom branded backpacks make such an effective promotional product to use as a marketing tool because unlike most promo products, they can raise brand awareness on the daily.

What’s the Skinny on Getting my Own Custom Backpack?

Custom backpacks can be printed with your custom logo using various decoration options which include silkscreen, embroidery, deboss (on vegan leather and leather), dome, thermal transfers, and sublimation. Read more about our decoration options here.

One key to raising brand awareness is ensuring there is a large imprint area for printing which promotional backpacks provide. You can place your logo on the front pocket for most styles or above the front pocket for maximum exposure for logo products.

Backpacks also come at various price points and colors so you have some flexibility in how you want to handle your giveaways. Choose from more budget-friendly swag items like drawstring backpacks, or take it up a notch and go for the premium quality swag with a great computer backpack.

Choosing the Right Style

There are several styles of backpack products that can be custom made to fit your needs. Everyone loves a great, quality custom printed backpack whether it’s promotional gifts for special occasions, corporate gifts for the office, swag bag giveaways for trade shows, or fan merch at sporting events.

Here are some of our popular custom branded promotional backpacks by category to help you choose what’s right for your organization:

What about Eco-Friendly Options?

One way to take things up a notch is to chose a backpack that is made of eco-friendly, green materials. One brand that is stepping up when it comes to eco-friendly promotional products is the Parkland Backpack series which uses 100% recycled water bottles as fabric to keep sustainability in mind. Not to mention their backpack design is classy and modern. Each style can be customized with your organization’s logo in multiple areas:

In Short…

Purchasing promotional backpacks to build brand awareness can be very effective because of how versatile and functional backpacks are to every day life. It’s a useful promo clients will be more than willing to carry around, especially for that active target audience that likes to hike, exercise, travel, commute, and explore the city.

When you do end up choosing custom promotional products, make sure it resonates with your clientele. From my point of view, you just can't beat the flexibility custom bags provide and the custom imprinted backpack is with no exception a go-to product!

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