5 Promo Products Solopreneurs Will Love

5 Promo Products Solopreneurs Will Love

The gig economy has given rise to a new generation of solopreneurs, who handle just about every aspect of their business ventures on their own. By leveraging the right types of branded promotional products, such as personalized bags like tote bags, you can create brand awareness and get your company logo out there while connecting with these autonomous professionals and adding them to your pool of clients or customers. 

 What Exactly Is a Solopreneur? 

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs have a few things in common. Just like entrepreneurs, solopreneurs use their talents to build businesses from the ground up. But unlike an entrepreneur who relies on paid employees, the average solopreneur does all the work alone, and sometimes even works a part time or full-time job on the side. Not only is this person the proverbial head chef, he or she is also the dishwasher working behind the scenes, and everything in between.  

Without the money and resources for a paid full-time staff, the solopreneur might leverage contract agreements or outsourced providers and freelancers. In the end, however, as an independent entity, the solopreneur is responsible for every minor (and major) business function and decision. 

How to Engage With Solopreneurs 

With the number of solopreneurs growing, it’s more important than ever to stand out and engage with them. Promotional products with custom prints to fit your business, from branded stationary and personalized bags to tablet holders, provide great opportunities to engage with modern solopreneurs who need practical solutions for everyday challenges.  

Unique and useful items help your business stand out to these independent professionals. To achieve optimal impact, however, it pays to choose products that offer actual, real-world benefits, well-suited to an independent business person and potential client’s needs.  

Some of the most effective options for branded promotional products include:  

1. Personalized Stationery 

Choose from branded stationary, high-grade jotters, portfolios, journals with your color logo, padfolios, planners, deluxe organizers, sticky notes and notebooks, as these are necessary for day to day operations for solopreneurs. 

2. Travel Accessories  

Cultivate client goodwill with travel gifts like custom bags, garment bags, promotional tote bags, and cotton canvas bags (so they can ditch plastic bags!). Kick it up a notch and make travel even more convenient for solopreneurs by providing utility kits, USB car chargers, book lights, or support pillows with product colors to fit your company logo.  

3. Tech Items 

From power banks and USB drives to Stylus pens and branded tablet holders, solopreneurs have an insatiable appetite for technology, meaning custom tech products will get used day in and day out. 

4. Office Supplies  

A busy solopreneur can never have enough pens, highlighters, or notebooks in different colors, making custom printed pens and other office supplies a great way to connect with solopreneurs. 

5. Recreational Items  

The average solopreneur work well over 40 hours a week, but even the busiest solopreneur has a life outside the job. Stay connected even when they're off the clock by offering outdoor and sports products like branded golf gifts, coolers, fun tote bags, beach gear, and apparel so they can feel like they’re relaxing on a beach in Hawaii. 

Tapping a Growing Market Segment 

According to recent data, there are nearly 20 million solopreneurs in the United States, and this number is only rising. As this number of solopreneurs continues to grow, businesses need effective ways to connect with these autonomous professionals. With Bagmasters’ comprehensive collection of quality branded gifts, like personalized bags, pens, promotional tote bags and many more, you can engage with independent-minded professionals by offering functional products that will get used and reused, again and again. 

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