Custom Backpacks & Other Employee Gifts That Boost Productivity

Custom Backpacks & Other Employee Gifts That Boost Productivity

Employees love to be rewarded with thoughtful gifts that show that your company appreciates their hard work and loyalty. Presenting your employees with custom backpacks and other gifts can also boost their morale and productivity, and is important for building brand recognition. Keep reading to learn about the interesting research, and when to give out these types of gifts.  

Compelling Data 

Promotional products are great for building brand recognition and sharing your company's message. At the same time, they can also be used to make your business run better. 

According to research, employee gifts (like custom backpacks, lanyards, and travel gear) can actually boost motivation better than unexpected cash bonuses. In fact, one study found that the promise of a simple branded water bottle produced a 25-percent boost in productivity, while the promise of a cash bonus yielded no effect on the speed or accuracy in which subjects performed a given task. 

Many Ways to Use Custom Backpacks as Employee Gifts 

Given the power of employee gifts, it makes sense for business owners to take advantage. There are all sorts of ways to leverage these gifts, including: 

  • Rewards for a job well done 

  • Welcome packages for more seamless onboarding 

  • Prizes that promote healthy competition 

  • Holiday gifts that cultivate job satisfaction and goodwill 

Which Products Work Best? 

When it comes to choosing the right employee gift, there's no one right answer. From travel accessoriescustom backpacks, and tech products to golf gifts and items for the home, there's an endless array of options to choose from. That said, while high-end gifts would seem to have the greatest motivational impact, studies suggest that less expensive employee gifts also have a significant effect, especially if they seem like thoughtful selections on the part of a business owner. 

Bagmasters offers a spectacular array of branded promotional items that create powerful perks for your workforce. Explore our inventory of affordable custom products and discover cost-effective ways to boost employee performance and generate long-term loyalty. 

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