4 Corporate Gifts for Digital Nomads

4 Corporate Gifts for Digital Nomads

These days, there is significant talk about the digital nomad lifestyle, and rightfully so. A growing number of business people are leveraging mobile and digital technology to earn a living from various environments. Here's how you can engage this market segment using corporate gifts designed for professionals on the go.

Functional Solutions for Unique Needs

Whether they work from home, hotels or the corner coffee shop, digital nomads all have one key thing in common: they aren't chained to traditional brick-and-mortar offices. Despite this enviable freedom, however, the typical nomad faces frustrating challenges that can stand in the way of productivity. By providing stylish solutions to these unique difficulties, corporate gifts allow you to strengthen brand awareness, while improving client goodwill for long-term ROI.

There are a number of relevant branded products that can help you connect with digital nomads, including:

  • Bags and Briefcases: Stylish briefcases and messenger bags make your logo an indispensable part of your client's daily routine.

  • Travel Gifts: Whether they are traveling by train, plane or automobile, digital nomads always appreciate personalized garment bags, travel wallets, luggage tags, toiletry kits, utility kits, umbrellas, support pillows, book lights and USB car chargers.

  • Luggage: Whether it’s a travel backpack, duffel, hard-sided carry-on, wheeled carry-ons or laptop bag, promotional luggage provides stylish, convenient and customizable solutions for a nomad's travel woes.

  • Tech Products: From ballpoint Stylus pens and personalized tablet holders to flash drives and cell phone arm bands, branded tech gifts are a great way to engage with modern mobile business people.

When companies leverage corporate gifts to connect with digital nomads, they are able to make their logos an essential part of day-to-day business. At the same time, because nomads travel frequently, promotional products allow your brand to transcend geographic boundaries for greater exposure and increased awareness.

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