Best Car Show Promotional Items & Giveaways

Best Car Show Promotional Items & Giveaways

With a record number of Americans driving trillions of miles on U.S. highways every year, promotional bag giveaways at car shows are a simple way to showcase your brand. One of the keys to having successful promotional bags is to choose products that are relevant to drivers and that stand out from the competition. When you build your promotional bags, be sure to include items that pertain to driving and the automobile industry and that offer real-world value.  

Leveraging Relevant Branded Products 

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Americans set a new record by driving 3.22 trillion collective miles last year. With so many potential customers on the road, it's clear the automotive industry is as lucrative as it is competitive. 

The following promotional bag products can help you stand out from the competition by offering relevant value that stands the test of time: 

  • CarGo Coolers: Part cooler, part trunk organizer, these removable branded products offer twice the promotional impact. 

  • Stainless Steel Travel Mugs: Durable branded mugs can make your brand an invaluable travel companion that will accompany clients across geographic boundaries. 

  • Metal key Tags: Enhanced by your company's logo, these sleek, silver key rings are ideal for companies that need to maximize their limited promotional budgets. 

  • BreathIQ Alcohol Indicator Key Tags: These innovative promo products include a special powder that changes color when an impaired user blows into the device. 

  • Safety Digital Tire Gauge Tool: Multi-function emergency safety tools can be lifesavers during unexpected roadside emergencies. 

  • USB/AC Car Charger With Dual USB Ports: Turn your brand into an invaluable source of power for your customers' mobile devices. 

  • Highway Emergency First Aid Kit: These essential automotive kits include a comprehensive collection of emergency essentials, including jumper cables, tow straps, a reflective roadside triangle, a first-aid kit, and more. 

Function Is Everything for Products in Your Promotional Bag 

To effectively connect with customers at automotive promotional giveaways, your branded products need to be relevant to the event and the needs of your customers. At the same time, they also need to provide actual value. 

If your promotional bag products don't offer any sort of functional appeal, you aren't likely to attract much traffic to your booth. Even if you do, your products won't offer an enduring promotional impact, unless they will serve a purpose in your customers' daily lives.  

Explore Bagmasters' diverse collection of functional branded products, including promotional bags and custom backpacks, and get optimal ROI for your promotional dollar. 

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