How to Promote Your Local Farmers Market

How to Promote Your Local Farmers Market

Popular among people who value locally-grown produce, farmers markets are important sources of income for countless agricultural producers. That said, they aren't always located in high-profile areas that are easy to find. With agriculture promotional products – such as custom coolers, promotional bags, or kitchen products – you can make more people aware of your operation, while cultivating customer loyalty for repeat visits.

Getting Creative With Custom Coolers & More

A successful farmers market requires fresh, brightly-colored fruits and vegetables that tempt the eye. At the same time, even the highest-quality market can't succeed if no one knows it exists. Although there are all sorts of farmers market advertising channels, few provide the lasting impact of branded promotional items. But, which types of custom products will deliver optimal results for your farmers market promotion?

Choosing the Right Products

By utilizing custom products, farmers can create a more loyal customer base. To get optimal value for your promotional dollar, however, you need to choose relevant products that will connect with your customers. Some great options include: 

  • Cotton totes: Rugged enough to handle the weight of squash and melons, branded cotton canvas totes offer big value to customers at your market.

  • Kitchen products: From wooden spoons and cutting boards to measuring cups and plastic storage containers, there are endless promotional options that center on food.

  • Oven mitts: Make your brand a fixture in your customers' kitchens by offering cotton canvas oven mitts that showcase the logo of your farmers market.

  • Grilling and picnic accessories: You can build customer goodwill by offering loyal regulars branded BBQ sets, picnic blankets, portable cutlery and more.

  • Custom Coolers: Your customers will enjoy being able to carry their fresh produce home in a cooler where they can keep their delicate foods crisp. Every time they pack a picnic in your custom cooler, they will remember you.

  • How to Use Your Gifts

    You can effectively engage everyone at your farmers market by passing out low-priced branded items. At the same time, you can also leverage higher-end promotional items by setting up contests and drawings. If you have especially loyal regulars, it also makes good sense to nurture those relationships by offering branded holiday gifts. Give your customers promotional products that have real-world value to ensure they will remember you, talk about you with their friends, and continue to be loyal customers. 

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