The Many Applications and Benefits of Custom Lanyards

The Many Applications and Benefits of Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards — maybe you wear one every day, or maybe, you’ve never given them a second thought. Sure, they come in handy when you need to carry important items like your keys or your ID, but these simple straps do so much more, especially when it comes to building brand awareness.

Custom lanyards give businesses the ability to connect with a diverse audience. And since lanyards are an accessory many people use every day, why not take this opportunity to make a statement about your brand and create your own custom lanyards? Check out the applications of these handy accessories and the many ways you can leverage custom lanyards to boost brand awareness.

Custom Lanyards Are Multifunctional Assets

Did you know lanyards were originally employed by sailors to keep items from shifting or going overboard? This simple accessory made its initial appearance in 15th century France. These days, they've become just as handy for land-lovers in a variety of environments.

Typically used to hold ID badges, lanyards are a common sight at trade shows and events. At the same time, they've also made their ways into all sorts of other arenas, thanks to a broad diversity of applications.

Just some of the ways to wear a lanyard include: 

Outdoor Recreation

For climbing, hiking, or camping, outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate these custom lanyards to efficiently haul essential items. This will make carrying essentials hands-free.

 Home Use

Lanyards provide an easy answer for organization in the garage, basements and children's closets.


Specialized lanyards with breakaway pens are a godsend when your clients can't afford to be without a writing instrument at a key event. With these custom lanyards with pens, your clients will be ready to write whenever necessary — and they’ll be reminded of your brand every time they do.


Designed to keep items secure on open water, lanyards allow you to stay relevant in your clients' minds, even when they're away from the office.

USB Drives

These tiny tech items have a way of getting lost amid clutter. By affixing USBs to custom lanyards, your customers can easily find them in drawers or wear them around the neck during that key presentation.

The Benefits of Custom Lanyards

There are many ways custom lanyards can be used to help spread awareness for your brand, thanks in part to the many uses of these lanyards. Here are some of the biggest benefits.

Spreading the Word

Custom lanyards with your brand name on them can help boost brand awareness. Your clients may bring their lanyards (with your business’ logo) to trade shows, on outdoor adventures, or to work on a daily basis. This small action will help grow your client pool by spreading the word about your business.

Brand Loyalty

Business, both big and small, rely on clients to be loyal to their brand to be able to prosper. By giving custom lanyards to customers and clients, they can create a bond with their clients and customers as lanyards are a useful and thoughtful gift.

Gaining Traction

Giving handouts at tradeshows and other events can be a great way to spark up a conversation, and what better handout to give than a custom lanyard? They are useful, and other people at the event will see people wearing them and come to your booth to ask about your business.

Keeping Clients Happy

If you have a client or customer you haven’t checked up on in a little bit, sending them a custom lanyard can be a great way to let them know you still care about their business. It’ll let the client know you care, and it will be a useful gift that won’t sit around and gather dust.

Whether they're securing a VIP pass, compass, keys or some other essential item, custom lanyards provide endless opportunities to engage your target audience. When they're enhanced with photo-quality, end-to-end sublimation printing, these handy promo items become powerful touchpoints that offer long-term promotional appeal. 
Bagmasters offers the industry's most diverse line of personalized lanyards for events, concerts, trade shows and specialized marketing campaigns. Browse our extensive collection of custom promotional products and discover cost-effective solutions that offer exceptional ROI.

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